Sometimes you need a bit of extra food in the morning.

green smoothie

Monday was on of those mornings.  After drinking my green smoothie simply made from spinach, banana, unsweetened almond milk and coconut water I felt that I needed to have something else.  I made the big mistake of not putting in any protein powder into my smoothie.  Additions such as avocado, chia seeds and oats would have made it more satisfying too..doh!  Thankfully, I have gotten to know my body better over the past few years and had the foresight to make some extra breakfast goodies. 

breakfast 1

We bought some delicious sour dough bread from the bakery at the weekend, yum!  I toasted a couple of slices and topped them with butter and wild blueberry conserve.  Something as basic as toasted sour dough bread is one of life’s simple pleasures – my belly was a very happy camper afterwards. 


After making some plans for our upcoming mini-break, I decided that it was time for lunch.  I made a gorgeous omelette made using 3 free range eggs.  I added in red onion, pasteurized garlic and herb cheese by Boursin, prosciutto ham and spinach.  I’m so happy that I’ve finally found some pasteurized soft cheese that I can continue to have throughout my pregnancy – feta and goat’s cheese are sorely missed by my taste buds.  


Later in the afternoon after getting some more work done I broke away from my desk and took a break to fix myself an afternoon snack.  Fresh fruit and yoghurt was on the cards this time.  I had a fresh pineapple that needed using up, which I cut up and served with some full fat organic natural yoghurt.  The pineapple was like sunshine in my bowl – it tasted great too!   dinner

It’s been such a long time since I had made one of my favourite meals my Sweet Potato and Chickpea Curry.  I love the sweetness of the potato with the creamy coconut and it’s so quick to make.  I had a portion of this with some steamed broccoli and sprinkled with coriander.  Luckily I made masses of the curry, so there is plenty of leftovers to keep me going.  I always find that curry’s taste better the following day after being cooked, the flavours get to mingle. 


My sweet tooth came into play…doesn’t it always!  Hiding in the back of the larder on the ‘treat shelf ‘no less was half a packet of peanut butter M&M’s, which made the perfect evening snack and satisfied my cravings. The perfect end to a pretty decent Monday.  I spent the rest of the evening releasing and watching random TV with Alfie, before getting a much-needed early night. 



That’s it for another WIAW post, it only seems like yesterday that I was writing last week’s edition.  The weeks are just flying by at the moment!  I’m so glad that I got that second breakfast in, hindsight tells me that I would have been starving an hour later.  My own fault for not adding protein powder or other additions like healthy fats to make it more filling.  Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, so double helpings cannot be a bad thing in my book.

Do you have double breakfast sometimes?

What are your favourite evening snacks to calm your sweet tooth?  I normally head for the packet of dates, dark chocolate or fruit with frozen berries, but those M&M’s were calling out my name on Monday.  I’m so glad they did as they taste bloody awesome!