We’ve made it to 37 weeks with literally 3 weeks left until my due date.  Considering that the majority of my pregnancy has flown by these last couple of weeks seem to be on a go-slow. 

pregnancy update 37 weeks

Last week I was introduced to my local health visitor who will be coming around after the baby is born to check on his progress.  I really enjoyed meeting her and got to ask her lots of questions ranging on a whole load of different topics to do with birth and parenting.  This appointment was followed by my regular check up with my midwife.  My usual midwife was on holiday so a replacement midwife was at the surgery instead.  My baby boy is doing really well and all of my tests came back with positive results. She has referred me for a growth scan later this week because the baby is measuring slightly smaller as to where he should be, but she has reassured me that he’s totally healthy and everything is fine, she’s just ticking all the boxes.  I know that he’s fine, but I still get anxious about these things. We also had our maternity shoot at the weekend and I’m really happy with some of the preview shots that our photographer has shared.  I can’t wait to see the rest!

I’m feeling good at the moment and my aches from last week have pretty much vanished and I’m sleeping well.  Pregnancy hormones have gone crazy over the past couple of days and I’ve found myself tearing up at anything and everything, such an emotional roller coaster! My bump has dropped a little and I can feel that he is much further down now. Even though there isn’t much room for him to move around in there anymore he’s still going for it.  He’s so strong now as his bones have hardened, it’s very cute seeing him shuffle around and watching my belly contort as he tries to get comfortable.  


In terms of preparing for his arrival, I’ve put the bedding on his Moses basket, installed the car seat and we’ve put his pram together too.  I had a few last-minute bits to buy like a baby bath, sponges, cellular blanket and a swaddle wrap this week.  I would also like to get some new nursing wear for myself too.  I’ve washed his teeny tiny clothes, seeing them on the airer has made his arrival feel even more imminent.  After a much-needed reorganisation, I’ve finally finished packing my labour bag. For some reason I’ve always wanted to do a ‘what’s in my handbag?’ post so I thought I would use this opportunity to show you what’s in my hospital bag. 

little man

For me the toughest decision was trying to decide what to pack for the little one, everything is just too cute.  I settled on a selection of baby grows, vests, hats, socks,  scratch mittens, dribble bibs, toy, a shawl and the most adorable white cardigan. Just check out those bear ears on the hood – they get me every time!

baby toiletries


Other baby essentials that I’ve packed include BabyBee toiletries and baby ointment, water wipes, 100% cotton muslin squares, nappies and un-pictured cotton wool and ear buds.  


Amongst my normal toiletries, I’ve packed some labour aids, nursing aids and items for postpartum care.  Some of these include organic nipple butter; bottom spray to soothe any soreness down there; organic coconut lip balm; feminine wipes and some natural labour massage spray.  I also packed my organic breast pads, maternity pads and disposable maternity knickers. 

maternity essentials

Other things in my bag include a towel, sleepwear and a going home outfit.  There are some great online resources from Mothercare and NHS on what to pack in your labour bag, but it’s still difficult because you have no idea how long you will be staying for.  Luckily we live close to the hospital so Alfie has suggested that he can pop back and pick up anything that we are missing.  I’m hoping that I have the basics covered at least.  I know that some of this stuff may not even get used, but at least I know that I’m as prepared as I can be.  

What did you pack in your hospital bag?  Did you use all the things that you packed?