Benefits of Working With a Wellness Coach

source The world of health and wellness coaching has grown massively in the past few years as more people are tuning into healthy living and wanting to improve their lives. Despite its recent popularity, many people are unsure what wellness coaching entails and what it means.

An athlete has a coach and in the workplace there is often a support system to help you progress or someone you can seek to offer advice and encouragement. A health and wellness coach is similar in the fact that they’re a source of constant encouragement and support during your time working together.

Now, you’re probably thinking that you have a great group of friends that I can turn to for support, why would I need a coach?  A coach is unlike a friend, in the sense that although they want the best outcome for you, a coach is objective and offers straight-talking guidance.

If you’ve ever wondered how a wellness coach could help you,  I’m sharing some key benefits on how a wellness coach can benefit you and be an invaluable support to your wellbeing.

Investing in yourself

At first, hiring a coach may feel like one big expense that might be a stretch for you.  However, and from my experience with my own clients, investing in yourself is one of the best things that you can do to get results because you instantly see the value in working on yourself.

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A safe space to feel truly listened to

If you’ve never had a coaching session before the thought of them may feel a little daunting at first.  However, a wellness coach will help you feel relaxed, build a rapport, and create a safe space for you to talk.  This is your time to be really listened to and heard like never before.

Overcome barriers and self-limiting beliefs

Perhaps there are some blocks or self-limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.  Working with a wellness coach can help you unpick these thoughts and give you vital tools that you need to move towards a more fulfilling life.

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Build a consistent wellbeing routine

It’s one thing starting a wellbeing routine, but it’s another trying to be consistent and maintaining it.  Focusing on the realistic and practical actions that you can weave into your life to enhance and support your wellbeing is essential for it to work and for you to keep it up.  A coach can absolutely help with this!

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Accountability in reaching your goals

If there are some specific goals that you’ve been wanting to achieve, but keep losing your way, hiring a wellness coach could be a good option for you.  I absolutely love seeing my clients reach the goals that we set together in each coaching session to move them forward. The ongoing support and accountability is invaluable for making this happen.

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Make it a lifestyle

Starting a new wellbeing routine can feel overwhelming, but working with a coach can ensure that you become consistent with your new positive habits so that become a lifestyle rather than a fad.

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If you’re curious about wellness coaching, discover how we could work together by booking a FREE breakthrough call with me so we can chat.

I’d love to know in the comments if you’ve ever considered working with a wellness coach. If not, what’s holding you back?