Happy Sunday!  It’s been a pretty great weekend for me so far, involving lots of baking and eating too much cake.  What’s not to love?  Hope you’re all having a fab time too. The cakes are actually in aid of a big family picnic/reunion that we have planned later at Blenheim Palace. There’s going to be a least 20 of us, so you can imagine that a lot of cake is required to keep all of those bellies satisfied.  I made a red velvet cake (personal favourite), a lemon sponge tray bake and some healthier fruit kebabs. 


Speaking of cake, my brother did manage to travel last weekend and we had a lovely time chilling out and cooking together, which included a banana bread loaf.  My brother’s a chef, so despite all his efforts he always ends up in the kitchen wherever he goes.  The banana bread has been a lovely treat at breakfast topped with crunchy peanut butter served with blueberries a green smoothie and a big mug of apple tea. 

Actually I’ve really enjoyed my breakfasts this week, more than any other week recently.  It’s definitely the best meal of the day in my opinion:


There were some peaches in the fridge that were going squishy so I baked them in the oven in some coconut oil.  They came out lovely and sweet and went well with some organic natural yoghurt, almonds, honey and blueberries, yum!


The mornings have been feeling very autumnal this week.  Bring back summer!  I’m not ready to say goodbye to the sunshine just yet.  I’ve fancied porridge a lot in the mornings and had this lovely bowl of organic oats cooked in unsweetened almond milk and coconut oil.  I topped them with my current addiction of blueberries, banana slices and honey. 


Another favourite way to eat my porridge is by actually cooking my berries in with the oats on the hob.  These blueberries made the oats go this funky purple colour!  I added almond extract, honey and almond butter to make a tasty bowl of blueberry and almond porridge. 


Lunches have generally been salads this week or omelettes, but if this autumnal feeling lingers I think I will be whipping up a huge batch of lentil soup for next week. This particular salad was my favourite: mixed leaves, tomatoes, red onion, cucumber and my balsamic roasted chickpeas.  Simple, but tasty!


I’ve been such a hungry monster this week!  I think that has a lot to with the baby putting on more weight (my bump has popped out some more!) and my body doing more work.  Snacks have been a must and this cocoa coconut Trek bar was certainly on point with my mug of apple tea as I took a break away from my work.


My recent addiction is ice lollies.  I have been making my own like my Peach and Coconut Cream Popsicles, but I’ve also been buying them from the shops too.  Mini Milks have been a good replacement for when I haven’t been able to get hold of the OkoBay coconut water ice lollies. This one was enjoyed after my afternoon walk in the sunshine.


Chocolate and cherries….an all time favourite flavour combination of mine that never seems to get old.  This was actually an afternoon pick me up when I felt myself lagging a bit in the afternoon.  The blackberry and ginger dark chocolate sounds weird but it’s so good.  Let’s just say that the bar didn’t make it through the week!


Fair enough, it doesn’t look very pretty in the bowl right there, but this tikka fish curry was the bomb!  It was the leftovers from a meal that me and my brother cooked together served with rice and naan bread  There were plenty of leftovers to keep us going when he left.  It was full of lentils, potatoes and cauliflower, making it very hearty by itself, even when we had run out of fish! 

stir fry

Another week means another stir fry in our house.  This was an oriental style pork stir fry with a lovely spicy sauce and udon noodles.  I’ve been cooking so many stir fries recently that I’m going to run out of inspiration as to what variation to cook next.  Any stir fry recipe recommendations are kindly welcome!

This weeks workout round-up:

Monday –  30 minute walk

Tuesday – morning gym session (15 minutes gentle cardio and strength routine – bicep curls, shoulder presses, chest presses, squats against the wall and weighted bum raises)

Wednesday –  30 minute walk 

Thursday –  morning gym session (15 minutes gentle cardio and strength routine – bicep curls, shoulder presses, chest presses, squats against the wall and weighted bum raises)

Friday –  30 minute walk

Saturday –REST

Sunday – maybe a 10 minute prenatal yoga routine

Now that I’m in the later stages of the third trimester I’ve been feeling tired again, although nothing close to how I felt in my first trimester.  On days when I have felt more tired I’ve been taking it easier, but have been loving my walks still.   I just wish that I could have fitted more yoga in, but I’ve come to realise that I can’t do everything and feel settled with what I have achieved this week. 

Breakfast has always been my most favourite meal of the day for some reason.  I tend to get up earlier just so I can have a leisurely breakfast if time allows.  Starting with a lovely meal really helps to kick-start my day and I love how varied I try to make them each and everyday.  Obviously, there is nothing more enjoyable than a weekend breakfast that isn’t rushed and you can indulge in every mouthful without watching the clock.

What is your favourite meal of the day?  Do you have any favourite foods that you like to have at breakfast time?