5 Steps to Being Super Organised


Don’t get me wrong I have my off days, but most of the time I like to consider myself as pretty darn organised.   Armed with my trusty planner and a well thought out to-do list I feel like I could rule the world.  OK, perhaps I added the latter part of that sentence for dramatic effect, but you get my point.  And who doesn’t love crossing things off a to-do list?  It’s so satisfying that sometimes I add completed tasks to my list that weren’t on there just so I can cross them off.  I’m a to-do list addict!

An organised mind leads to a happy and healthy life!  Rather than trying to fight through a mental haze (and being a parent I know all about this!) it’s nicer to have a clearer understanding and viewpoint of your goals and actions, which will help you achieve things much faster.  Having a workflow or process that works for you and allows you to have a kick-ass productive day is going to make you feel like a superhero.  I love having a productive working day where everything is crossed off my to-do list, the feeling is very rewarding.  However, the only way I can reach a certain level of productivity is by being organised.

Whether it’s your social, work, or home life that’s leaving you feeling overwhelmed at the moment, I’ve come up with a simple 5 step process that’s going to break things down and make things more achievable.  This method can be applied to all aspects of your life and will help you maintain a level of organisation that will hopefully be life-enhancing.


Things can seem a little daunting when you’re looking to organise your life. You feel like you have a Mount Everest of things to complete and have no idea how you’re going to make it to the end.  I felt like this last week after a busy weekend, my mum was arriving the next day for a short visit and the fridge was empty and the house was upside down.  Slowly, but surely I managed to get things sorted before she arrived and she had a lovely visit even though the outset sounded chaotic.  What helped me the most is being able to take a step back, taking a deep breath and basically getting a grip before starting my next step.

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Break things down

Huge tasks can always look scary, but all great achievements are made by following a line of stepping-stones.  Breaking larger tasks into smaller bite-size nuggets is a better working process.  Not only will you feel more relieved and less pressurised you’re much less likely to make mistakes and will able to complete the task with more success.

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Now you have a clearer idea of what you need to do, it’s now time to rank each task in order of urgency.  For instance, without prioritising you might feel that a home-related task needs completing first instead of a work-related task. However, after spending some time looking at your list you may realise that the work-related task is more urgent and needs bumping up the list.  Listing items in order of priority means that the most important jobs are completed first and deadlines are met on time.

Invest in a Planner

If it’s not written in my planner then it rarely gets done.  I rely on my planner like a car needs petrol to run, it’s essential…seriously! Once I’ve broken down my tasks into smaller chunks and prioritised I then sit and plan my week ahead according to what is most urgent.  More often than not, I will sit down on a Sunday night and invest some time in planning my week ahead, so come Monday morning I’m ready to hit the ground running.

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Write a To-Do List

Yay, my favourite way to stay organised.  If I haven’t made it blatantly obvious yet, I LOVE a to-do list.  I’m really lost with one and it’s how I like to spend my morning tea time, organising my day by creating an epic list.   I like to write my to-do list very early in the morning, it’s probably the first thing that I do in my working day.  Having a set list of mini-tasks for each day means that by the end of the week I’m more likely to accomplish my overall goals for the week.

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Getting organised and putting a routine in place to help you get there can sound like a lot of hard work initially, but I promise you that once you put this simple 5 step process in place it will make your day run that bit smoother and help you to smash those weekly goes in all aspects of your life.  Another worthwhile mention is not to take too much on, although we feel like we want to conquer the world there is only so much that can be achieved in a day no matter how hard we wish for some extra hours.

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How do you like to keep organised? Are you a to-do list fan too?



If you're feeling overwhelmed at the moment, try this simple process that's will break things down and get you organised.