Summer Bucket List

A summer bucket list is a fantastic way to create long-lasting memories throughout the summer months and fill your days with fun and exciting adventures.

Now that the summer holidays are in full swing and the schools have broken up for their long break, it’s time to start planning some lovely things to do.  With the kids at home all summer, it can be hard to keep them entertained.  At times, it can feel quite daunting when you don’t have any plans in place.

Sitting down and creating a summer bucket list is the perfect way to get them excited about the weeks ahead and it’s a lovely thing to do as a family.  Plus, it means that you have a whole list of activities that you’ve already agreed would be good to do as a family and can have fun ticking them off the list.

I’ve already made a summer bucket list and it’s full of wonderful things that I want to do with my 4-year-old and one year old. We’ve actually already started to cross some of the things off.

Let’s hope that we can cross all of them off the list before summer ends.

I’ll be sharing everything over on my Instagram and Facebook accounts if you’d like to keep up to date with everything that we’re getting up to.

Pick Your Own Strawberries

This is one that’s from my childhood and I always try to do it with my own kids each summer.  I loved going with my grandparents to the local pick your own farm and it’s a great way to show little ones where your food comes from. Plus, British strawberries are the best when they’re in season, we demolish them so quickly.

Visit All The Local Parks

There are so many gorgeous local parks around us and it’s true when they say that you don’t have to go far to have a great day out.  I’m going to see if we can visit all of the local parks and get them ticked off the summer bucket list.

Have A Picnic

Of course, if you’re at a park all day it’s a nice opportunity to pack a picnic and enjoy eating outside.  You can also get the little ones involved in making the food and help pick what’s going inside the picnic basket.

Camp In the Garden

We’ve never actually been camping before, but I would love to go on a camping trip one day.  To help dip our toes in the water I thought camping for a night in the garden would be fun.

Go To A Festival

Summer is full of festivals from food to music ones. I definitely want us to visit one over the summer as they’re alway a great day out.

A Boat Trip 

I love being out on the water and although it doesn’t happen often, mainly when we’re on holiday abroad, I’d love to go on a boat trip down a river somewhere.

Visit The Beach

Living in the middle of England means that we’re pretty much landlocked and I really enjoy being by the water. We used to live right on the beachfront in Dorset and I would love to go back there again this summer.

Make The Most of Our National Trust Membership

The National Trust has so many beautiful places to visit and we haven’t really made the most of it this year, but I’m determined to change that which is why it’s made it on to the summer bucket list.

Go To A Carnival

Like festivals, there tends to be a lot of carnivals on over the summer. Our village actually hosts it’s own and it’s always lovely to see the community out in full force.

Host A Family BBQ

Summertime is all about the BBQ and eating outside.  I’m hoping that we can get the family over for an epic BBQ feast at some point over the holidays.

A Walk In The Peak District

We live so close to the Peak District but have never taken up the opportunity to go. It’s full of walks and trails to enjoy with lots of pub stops along the way.

Visit a Summer Fair

Our surrounding villages have lots of fairs on throughout the summer.  They’re always a lovely day out with lots going on from food, music, entertainment and different stalls to enjoy.

Spend More Time In Nature 

Connecting with nature is one of my most favourite things to do. I find it so peaceful and grounding.  The summer is the most perfect time to do this and it’s a great way to spend time with the kids too.

Create Some New Recipes

I love getting creative in the kitchen and always enjoy experimenting with different flavours to create new dishes.

Check out my recipe index for some nourishing recipe inspiration.

Go To A Museum

We have so many museums close to us and it would be fantastic to visit them this summer. They are a great way for kids to learn something new and explore. 

Get The Colour Put Back in My Hair

It’s been forever since I got the balayage put in my hair and it’s all just about grown out. I’d love to get it put back in to help change up my look a little bit.

Read More Books

I have so many books waiting to be read and others that I’ve picked up and put down and are unfinished. My plan is to read as much as I can over the summer.

Declutter The House

I love a declutter and try to so one every season so this just had to make it on to the summer bucket list too.

See a Movie At The Outdoor Cinema

I recently discovered that there is a local outdoor cinema running over the summer.  This would be a lovely date night and a way to spend some quality time with the husband child-free.

A Spa Day

Going to the spa always feels like an indulgence, but as a treat now and then I just love it. I’m planning a bit of a pamper session for a bit of much-needed me-time.

Watch the Sunrise

With a baby, I’m often up super early and I’ve always wanted to watch the sun come up. It always looks so beautiful!

Spend Less Time On My Phone

A social media detox is definitely needed over here.  I always like to take a weekend off here and there and I have one planned over the summer. Afterward, I feel so much better and less overwhelmed.

See More Of The UK

There are so many beautiful places to visit in the UK, which are often forgotten about because we’re obsessed with going abroad.  Traveling abroad is amazing, but I’m keen to see more of the UK this summer.

Early Morning Running

Going on an early morning run is one of my favourite things to do at the moment. The streets are quiet and you can hear the birds chirping in the trees as the sun comes up.

I’d really love to hear about your summer plans!   You can stay up to date with mine by hitting the follow button: InstagramFacebookTwitterPinterest.

Do you have a summer bucket list?  What activities do you have planned over the summer?

A summer bucket list is a fantastic way to create long-lasting memories throughout the summer months and fill your days with fun and exciting adventures.