This post was actually supposed to posted last month as an extension to my mind, body and soul approach to 2015 post, but one thing led to another and I ran out of time.  Alas, it’s being posted now and if you have missed my earlier posts to give you a bit of background, 2015 is the year I aim to reclaim and rejuvenate my mind and body and nurture and feed my soul after spending most of last year pregnant.  The whole experience was truly wonderful and mamahood is magical, but a huge part of me doesn’t feel my best and I’m hoping to get back on form this year.  

I’ve already posted my mind and body goals on the blog so here’s how I aim to take some time to focus on myself and practise self-love this year: 


1. Read and write more often

We all need some escapism now and then and although I would love to jet off on a plane to more tropical climates, unfortunately my bank balance has other ideas.  As an avid reader as a child, I can remember getting lost in the world of adventure and make-believe and would spend hours totally engrossed in a book.  Adult life doesn’t allow me the time to sit down and read like I used to and there have been attempts to make my way through my stash of books, but something always comes up and I end up back at square one again.  

This year I’m hoping to read more books, which only seems to happen when I’m on holiday, but I’m going to make a conscious effort and try to read a book a month which is easily achievable.  The same can be said for writing, which also offers the same feeling of escape.  I’m hoping to treat myself to a pretty journal that I can carry around with me and spill my thoughts onto the pages and find a sense of release.  


2. Try something new 

New experiences can be exhilarating and there were lots of new things that I wanted to try last year, one of which was a photography course.  I really want to improve my photography and have found that it’s become a bit of a hobby for me.  I’ve already found a new DSLR camera that I’m going to invest in and I think the photography course would be the cherry on the cake for me. 


3.  Treat myself

I think treating yourself to something new, no matter how big or small is a lovely way to practise self-love.  Something that I’ve realised since having Aiden is that I feel a sense of guilt if I spend some money on myself, which sounds silly I know.  I’ve slowly been re-editing my wardrobe since giving birth and really enjoyed finding a new style that is both practical for looking after and nursing my little man, but is still very much ‘me.’  My hair is in desperate need of a haircut so I’m hoping to sort that later this month or early next month and I’ve just bought myself a new book to help me accomplish my reading goal. 

One of my suggestions from my ‘Simple Ideas on How to Practise Self-Love’ post was to make some time for yourself and I think sometimes I need to remember this.  It’s so easy to become caught up in our own lives that we tend to forget to look after and indulge ourselves now and then.  I’m a firm believer in looking after yourself to help you look after others and I’m hoping that these goals that I’ve set myself will help me reclaim my sparkle and the very best of me.  

How often do you practise self-love?  Do you have any goals that will help you nourish your soul in 2015?