Smartphone Apps To Improve Your Wellbeing

Truth be known, I’m addicted to my smartphone.  It literally has everything on it and embarrassingly, I’m not sure what I’d without my smartphone.  There have been times when I’ve misplaced my iPhone and my anxiety levels instantly peak.  Most of us would probably hate to admit how attached to them we’ve become.

They offer us so much in the form of support and guidance with almost anything and everything that you can think of – they’re fantastic devices that it’s no wonder that there a big part of everyday life.  There must be a smartphone app for every aspect of life, admittedly some are completely useless, but there are some that I just couldn’t do without.

Many of the apps on my smartphone are related to health and wellbeing. I think that we’re very lucky that we’re from a generation that has technology at its fingertips, enabling you to keep track of our health so easily.  I’ve tested a few apps that are focused on holistic wellness that I use daily to help support my physical and mental wellbeing.


Insight Timer


I could not start a blog post about wellness apps without first mentioning Insight Time. I’m a massive fan and I use it regularly.  Meditating really allows me to relieve some of the day’s stresses and find some inner peace, I always feel better for it afterward.

Even though, I haven’t been meditating as much as I would like to recently because of juggling life with two little ones I always return to Insight Timer because it opens up the space to get 5 minutes where I can clear my mind and breathe. The app isn’t trying to convert you to a particular way of thinking or beliefs it solely concentrates on the meditation process.

I’m rubbish at meditating by myself, so I’m always looking to find a guided meditation to help me along, and there are literally thousands to choose from depending on your needs. One of my favourite features is being able to filter the meditations by time, you’ll often find me scrolling the 5-10 minute ones.

You can check out Insight Timer here.

Clementine App

If you’re not following Clementine App on Instagram, I highly recommend that you do.  Founders Kim and Annie are doing a tremendous job in creating and developing an app to support women’s confidence, sleep, and anxiety. Their Instagram feed alone is full of insightful wisdom, inspiration, and relatable truths.  This really is a passion project of theirs and I’ve loved watching their journey.

You can read Kim’s #SelfCareDiaries interview here.

The app is full of hypnotherapy recordings to help bring more calm in your life when you need it the most.  They’ve recently launched the Body Confidence section on the app that was developed in response to a survey that they carried out to help nurture a better relationship with your body no matter what your size.

You can also, set up your own mantras or use the ones built into the app to pop up on your phone throughout the day to offer guidance, support and banish any negative thoughts that may be niggling away at you. Everybody needs to know about this app!

You can check out the Clementine App here.


This is a new discovery for me but a lovely addition to my smartphone.  I’m having fun exploring it and seeing how I can implement it in my every day to give me a boost.

Firstly, this really is a beautiful app, I love how it’s been designed.  I can only describe it as a hybrid between gaming and a mindfulness resource.  From journaling prompts, breathing exercises, tips there is a lot to play around with and learn from to help bring more calm to your day.  The best part is that everything takes place from your virtual bed, a sacred and safe place to take care of yourself.

The only downside I would say is that it could potentially get boring after a while if it’s not updated with new features regularly.  However, there is definitely scope for lots of potential – it’s so different from anything else I’ve seen before.

You can check out #SelfCare here.

Jour: Guided Journaling

I used to love journalling in the morning before baby number two came along, I used to do it after dropping Aiden off at nursery and it was a fantastic way to get all my thoughts down on paper and free space in my mind.

This app is a fantastic starting point for anyone who wants to get into journalling but feels too intimidated by it or not sure where to start.  It covers the basics of how to journal, the whys and how it can benefit your life with a daily journal built into the app, including a travel journal and daily reflections. All to help you feel balanced, empowered and to encourage personal development and growth.

The guided support through the mindfulness challenges I’m yet to explore in depth, but at first glance, they look great to instill more bliss in your life. They cover lots of different topics from anxiety, empowerment, fulfillment, growth, and healing. Also, it looks pretty and super user-friendly.

A side note, I’ve been using it to quickly jot down my thoughts which I can do easily with baby in one hand and my phone in the other because at the moment finding dedicated journalling time in my day in difficult and I’m finding that this is more achievable.  So a great one if you love journalling, struggling for time, but also want somewhere pretty to do it.

You can check out Jour: Guided Journalling here.


Another new to me app that I’m really enjoying using. Shine is such a bright and positive space on my smartphone, simply down to the design and what it includes.  Primarily its purpose is to help you manage your stress and anxiety better and be kinder to yourself through meditations, challenges, and daily rituals.

A fab feature that I think is amazing is the ‘Check In’ function that allows you to check in on your progress and growth. You can also receive daily motivational messages through the app to help you stay focused and nurture a positive relationship with yourself.

There are a lot of in-app purchases so some of the content and challenges are restricted. However, there is a 7-day free trial that you can use to see if you actually like its teachings to see if purchasing anything is actually worthwhile, which I’m testing out a the moment.

You can check out Shine here.

Thrive: Mental Wellbeing

I’ve only just downloaded this app so haven’t had a chance to play around on it yet, but it looks great so thought it was worth a mention.

Briefly, it’s an evidence-based app created by specialists with clinical experience to help manage stress, anxiety and related disorders through teaching deep muscle relaxation, calming techniques, thought training, and mood tracking and cognitive behavioral therapy.

You can find out more details about Thrive here.

I asked on my Instagram Stories for some of your favourite wellness smartphone apps and here are the others that were suggested:

If you’re looking for more simple and actionable ways to look after your wellbeing check out my Self Care Bliss Guide and Self Care Bliss Planner.  Also, if you’re struggling to find the time to prioritise your needs here are 10 Ideas To Practice Self Care In Under 10 Minutes.

Also, I run a private Facebook group for women where I share resources, host live workshops and have created a community to guide and support you to live a happier and healthier life.  Come and join us!

What are your ultimate smartphone apps to help support your wellbeing?  Have you used any of the ones mentioned above?


There's a smartphone app for everything you can think about. Try these smartphone apps to help supercharge your wellbeing and live a healthy and happy life.