5 Simple Self Care Rituals For Better Sleep

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There’s nothing like that feeling of rejuvenation and the abundance of energy that only seems to come from having a fantastic night’s sleep. Many of us have morning rituals that help us start our day, mine is a glass of warm water with lemon before breakfast, but what about having bedtime rituals to help us end our day and to aid sleep.

Consistently, having very little sleep can slow down your metabolism, increase your risk to illness, cause mood issues and chronic fatigue. With a baby and a 4-year-old,  you can imagine that any sleep that I manage to get is golden. To make sure that the duration of sleep between wake ups is restful I have adopted some of my past easy bedtime rituals to prime my body for sleep and to help me drift off.  Of course, I don’t always get time to do them, but even just practicing one can make a big difference to my quality of sleep, especially not checking my phone late at night.

Switching off to aid sleep


I recommended this tip to one of my coaching clients recently and she’s noticed a massive difference to her quality of sleep already.

This is easier said than done with technology so readily at our fingertips, social media constantly updating and the fear of missing out. A couple of hours before going to bed I try to put my phone on ‘do not disturb’ so that I’m not distracted by notifications, which often leaves me with an overstimulated brain before going to bed.

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Deal with anything stressful in the morning


Getting stressed out before bedtime is a sure way to get a poor night’s sleep. If at all possible, I try to leave anything that I know is going to give me a headache until the morning so that I get a chance to relax before sleeping. It’s not going to go anywhere and I know that I will be more prepared to deal with it in the morning when feeling refreshed.

A warm drink before bed


I used to love having a mug of warm milk and cookies before bed when I was younger and still enjoy drinking a cup of herbal tea late in the evening to help me unwind. I also like to go to bed with a glass of water on my bedside cabinet for when I get thirsty during the night.

Practice bedtime yoga for more sleep


Yoga is just fabulous, isn’t it? There are so many reasons to get into yoga, but I will save that for another post. Just as it helps to energise the body in the morning, it is equally good at relaxing the body before bedtime. I like to do 10 minutes of a bedtime yoga podcast that I often find online to help me unwind, particularly after a long and hard day.

Have an evening routine


I love having a routine during the day and there is nothing to say that you can’t have one for bedtime as well. Getting ready for bed around the same time every night will prepare your mind and body for sleep as it will automatically know that it’s bedtime and time to rest.

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Do you have any bedtime rituals?  How do they help you to drift off to sleep? 

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A decent night’s sleep can have such a positive impact on your wellbeing. Try these simple bedtime self care rituals to help you feel more rested.