A weekly blog series where a special guest dives deep into self care and we discover what it means to them and how it manifests itself in their life.

This week’s #SelfCareDiaries interview comes from the lovely Caroline Carter.

Caroline shares her wonderful self care wisdom on her Instagram feed that is full of positivity and wellbeing tips.  I just love that she’s so down to earth and has just started her new wellness blog, which she talks more about below.

Over to you Caroline…

What does self care mean to you? 

Self care for me is all about the simple things, its not indulgent or a treat its a daily practice and very much a necessity. Its all about taking time for myself in whatever form. I really believe that for me self care is as important for the mind as it is my body. Taking back some quiet in this ever busy life we all seem to lead these days is so important. 

Do you have any self care rituals/practices that really anchor your day?

I like to spend some time alone with my thoughts or enjoy some quiet time at some part of my day. This really helps clear my mind, reduce stress and brings me back to here and now when life gets hectic. 

What does your morning routine look like?

I have to admit week day mornings in our house can be very busy. Trying to get two kids and myself ready for work and school can be a bit of a whirlwind. If I can I try and enjoy a quiet cup of tea on my own before the chaos of the day starts, sitting for just five minutes in the quiet and still of the day really seems to set me up for whatever the day throws at me. 

How do you make time for self care?

I think taking time out is so important for us all, we can make excuses or put things off but even just 5 minutes can make such a big difference. I really believe that in order to help others we must first take care of ourselves. 

A weekly blog series where a special guest dives deep into self care and we discover what it means to them and how it manifests itself in their life.

During a challenging point in your life what key things got you through?

Positivity is key for me even when life is tough, practicing gratitude and positivity have helped me get through tougher times in my life. 

What’s in your self care toolkit? Which items bring you most comfort? 

A big mug of tea, a good read and a scented candle. Enjoying the simple things by taking things slow is the key to my self care routine. 

What quote really resonates with you and why?

I love quotes and the reminders that stay with me each day to stay positive. In particular “You’ve got this.” 

This resonates with me every single time and gives me a gentle reminder that anything is possible. 

What are you currently working on? Anything that you would like to share?

My new brand new life and wellbeing blog, Cultivate With Me

Where I am passionate about helping women to take time to live their best life. My blog is also cathartic for my own health wellbeing as I face the same daily struggles myself.

Thanks so much, Caroline! I hope you loved this weeks #SelfCareDiaries instalment, you can check out the last edition with Kirsten Wilson here