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Top tips on the self care rituals that you could to incorporate into your daily routine to help bring more balance and calm into your day.

Automatically, when people even hear the word healthy living or think about adopting a healthier lifestyle their first thoughts are that it’s going to be difficult, time-consuming and expensive. The initial stages of anything new are going to be difficult before it becomes a natural habit, however, I think this is heavily dependent on your approach.  

Rather than taking the all-or-nothing approach, I like to make small simple changes that are focused on self care that will accumulate and have a massive impact on my wellbeing.  Taking tiny baby steps is less scary than taking that giant leap that everyone seems to be geared up for at the start of the year, plus it’s more sustainable. 

Here are some of my favourite easy self care rituals that instill more balance and calm in my daily life:

Morning Meditation Practice

After waking up the natural reaction tends to be reaching for my phone.  I don’t know when I became so connected to the internet that it became my first point of call in the morning, but it started to worry me. Meditating as soon as I wake up and spending some time focusing on my affirmation cards has reduced this urge greatly.  I feel much calmer without that digital buzz so early in the morning with all the added benefits of meditation too.  

Obviously, with a young family, it can be hard to do this every day, so I’m happy with what I manage to do and take the viewpoint that something is better than nothing. I love the guided meditations on the Insight Timer app and have started to meditate with my crystals that make me feel more grounded. 

Top tips on the self care rituals that you could to incorporate into your daily routine to help bring more balance and calm into your day.

A Gift From Me to Me

I’m all for treating myself and showing myself gratitude now and then. I think treating yourself is such a healthy and positive thing to do and sometimes we can go months without doing it.  Loving myself more and expressing that is one of my intentions in 2018 and buying myself a bunch of beautiful flowers is one way of manifesting that. 

Remember treating yourself is not a privilege but a divine responsibility which can lift the spirits, renew your energy and make you feel fabulous!

Reconnect with Nature 

I love being outdoors and this is something that I’m hoping to achieve more of this year, especially now the weather is warmer.  Our little boy who loves being outside and exploring and walks with the new baby are definitely on the cards.  Connecting with nature really lifts me so it’s a must as part of my self care routine. 

Top tips on the self care rituals that you could to incorporate into your daily routine to help bring more balance and calm into your day.

Upgrading to More Natural Alternatives

Last year I made a big push to upgrade my beauty regime to contain more natural products and I love that I’m nourishing my skin with less toxins.  I now want to extend this further, and look at my food choices.  My teas of choice tend to be chai tea or green tea, both of which contain caffeine.  At the moment I’m on a mission to drink more water, a habit that I can be really bad at keeping up.

Aqua Optima has launched a new campaign to get people drinking more water with their #WaterWednesday. Every Wednesday they are challenging everyone to give up sugary filled drinks and caffeine for water.  A very simple change that going forwards can help to instill some healthier habits into your life to better your wellbeing. 

Limiting my time on social media

Last year felt like I spent virtually half my life on social media. Considering that the majority of my business is online, trying to stay off it is challenging.  However, the past few weeks I’ve been making a conscious effort to reduce my time on social media, with gadget free evenings and only allowing myself on social media at certain times of the day – I’m already reaping the benefits!

Top tips on the self care rituals that you could to incorporate into your daily routine to help bring more balance and calm into your day.

Creating a Morning and Evening Routine

I thrive on having a routine in place and already posted about the benefits of having a morning and evening routine.  I like to have my routines written down in the notes app on my phone so that I can refer back to it or change things up.  Having an evening routine is highly beneficial to me as it helps to prime my body for sleep and my morning routine helps to ease me into my day.

Making self-love and self-care a prime focus of your healthy living journey is when the extraordinary happens. You start to realise the importance of looking after your emotional health, practicing kindness and self-compassion.  Working on yourself from the inside out rather than simply focusing on the outside really helps you to feel you nourished, connected and supported in all aspects of life and to become the best version of yourself. 

If you’re struggling with making time for yourself, nourishing yourself authentically, can’t move through any blocks that are stopping you achieve your wellbeing goals book in a FREE discovery call for my relaxed 1:1 coaching sessions.  You can read more about them here

What self care rituals have you introduced into your routine to help you feel more balanced and calm?

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