Happy Friday and a belated happy Thanks Giving to all of my lovely American friends!  I hope you have all had a tremendous week.  Overall it has been a pretty steady one for me, busy, but nothing to complain about. I’ve been getting at least 7 hours sleep each night and it has done me the world of good.  It’s always amazing what a difference a good nights sleep can make to your day.

Warm porridge has been on repeat for breakfast this week at work and at home (when I’ve had the time). My favourite thing to put in my porridge in recent weeks is this bag of Seeds of Love from Detox Your World.  I got it in one of my Nutribox’s a while back and have loved using it on salads and on my oats.  It’s a lovely blend of different seeds, mulberries and cacao nibs.


Low and behold I’m totally out of trusty mix of goodness. I quite like the fact that it was a mixture of everything and the convenience of sprinkling a variety of great sources of nutrition in one whole swoop.  I’m definitely going to be on the look out for another bag of this stuff or something similar.

I did manage to go without my trusty Seeds of Love though and whipped up some vanilla oats (old pic!) with water and vanilla rice milk topped with a chopped apple and a sprinkle of ginger flavoured coconut sugar, delish!


My favourite lunch this week has to be this lovely chilli and lime prawn and spinach salad.  It’s sad but true that we do tend to eat with our eyes and I just loved all of the colours in this.  This is an absolutely easy recipe and it will be making an appearance on the blog… promise.


My afternoon snack has mainly been yogurt and a portion of fruit.  I had some Greek yogurt topped with honey and mixed nuts yesterday which really hit the spot. This portion looks teeny in this pic, but it was actually a third of the tub of Greek yoghurt.


Last night after getting home from the gym I made a wonderful stir fry, using up some left over roasted chicken and a mix of vegetables.  I added some soy sauce, garlic, ginger, chilli and a schezuan pepper sauce for a quick and easy meal.

I’m really looking forward to the weekend as I have some lovely things planned, such as baking and starting my Christmas shopping, exciting! I thought that I would get an early start so save myself stressing over last minute present shopping.

Do you like to get an early start on your Christmas shopping?

If any, what are you favourite toppings for your porridge?