Officially there are only 3 days to go until our due date! We’re really playing the waiting game now.

39 weeks pregnancy update cover

So far there hasn’t been any obvious signs of labour except more period like pains over the weekend in my lower back and under my bump   I’ve also been feeling some stretching sensations down below too and his head now feels very low.  He’s still kicking lots and doing his usual little dance routines, not only is this reassuring in terms of his health, but these are such special moments that I’m going to miss after my little guy arrives.  I’m feeling great at the moment and my 38 week GP appointment went really well last week, all of my routine tests were fine and there was that lovely strong heartbeat that I love to hear too. 

Moses basket

Considering that there is so little time left to our due date and I’ve been super organised there has been very little for me to get ready for his arrival. I sorted out his organic Moses basket and bedding from Natures Purest last week and settled on a place in our room for it,  I love how clean and fresh it looks. 

Since I’m running out of things to do in the baby preparation department I’ve even gone and packed the nappy bag with some essential items, like nappies; WaterWipes; a change of clothes; muslin squares; baby toys and toiletries.  I’ve also been reading up on how to use my electric breast pump and electric steriliser in advance so I know what to do when it comes to expressing breast milk. Keeping on top of the things like the laundry and cleaning has been a priority for me because I don’t want to arrive home from the hospital with housework that hasn’t been done, I want to spend that precious time with my little one.


Everyone keeps telling me to use these last days to relax before the baby arrives, but I honestly can’t for too long.  I suffer from incredibly itchy fingers and like to keep myself busy all the time, hence all the non-essential faffing and nesting that I’ve been up to this week.  Generally, I’ve been using my evenings to relax by listening to my pregnancy and labour relaxation CD’s and read.  I’ve just finished this amazing book on breastfeeding called Mama Milk: A Breastfeeding Mum’s Story, which I highly recommend.  I’ve unpacked the baby’s nightlight that projects stars onto the ceiling and his room thermometer that also glows as I’ve found them to be so soothing and help me drift off to sleep. 

One thing that has been on my mind recently is how much my body will change post-baby.  I would be lying if I said my pregnancy weight gain hasn’t raised some body confidence issues over the past 9 months, but I think this is a natural concern for the majority of pregnant women. Equally, I know that during pregnancy some women will gain more and some will gain less, we all have different patterns in relation to weight gain.  Comments from other pregnant ladies and friends on the ‘smaller’ size of my bump have had a surprising effect on me.  For some women this may be taken as a compliment and perhaps I should too, but instead its worried the heck out of me and left me feeling inadequate, like I’ve done something wrong.  I know that none of it was intended to be bitchy in any way and it’s probably just me being an oversensitive idiot.  Being pregnant makes you such a worrier and you want to do everything right by your growing baby.  You have no idea how reassuring my growth scan was the other week to find out that my little man is perfectly healthy and everything is on track.

At this point I’m not sure how much weight I have gained entirely as my only weigh-ins have been with my midwife and I haven’t been weighed for a while.  I’ve noticed that most of my baby weight is mainly around my thighs, hips, butt and some around my stomach area.  What I do know is that my baby boy and I are super healthy and doing well and that’s my primary concern.  


I adore my bump, but in these last few weeks I’ve felt big as it’s popped out more, again I know that I’m not on my own here.  After the baby is born, I’m not going to compromise my eating to lose the extra weight nor will I be rushing to the gym.  This is something that I’m going to take my time over, there’s really no rush.  My main priority will be caring for my baby boy and making sure that I’m eating nourishing and healthy foods to help nurse him and give him the healthiest start in life.  I’m willing to accept that my body will never be the same again, it’s been on such a journey and grown a small human for Christ sake, so why should it be!?  I just have to keep reminding myself that each and every change in my body has helped me support and grow a healthy baby. 

It’s so crazy to think that possibly this time next week, my whole life is going to be totally different and I’ll be holding my baby in my arms, it’s feels so surreal.   I’m now beyond excited and so ready to be his mama!

Do you find it difficult to relax and have to be on the go all the time? 

Did you have any postpartum body worries during pregnancy?   If you’re not pregnant, how do think you will handle the changes that your body will go through?