The No BS Guide To The Perfect Nikini Body

And, the best way to rock your perfect bikini body is to wear a bikini! 

Now that summer is upon us, many of you will be getting ready to jet away on your holiday or perhaps you’ve already returned.  I’m sure while in throes of holiday packing and check-lists you noticed all the “perfect bikini body” articles promoted on the front of women’s magazines – huge props to the editors and creative department of said magazines because you can hardly miss them! 

Whether it’s a 2-day detox plan, diet or fitness plan, there seems to be plenty of experts out there that seem to know your body better than you do, promising to get you looking fabulous in a bikini.  Firstly, since when did the focus of summer shift from long days at the beach and ice cream to how great you look in a bikini?  And probably more important, why can we not be more accepting of ourselves, happy and confident as we are instead of trying to morph into these warped socially accepted visions of how we should look in a bikini?

Alas, I think it’s so sad that rather than going on holiday and having a good time women are drilled to accept that there is something wrong with their body because of this ‘perfect bikini body’ culture that rears its ugly head at this time year.   Trying to alter your body to look like someone else’s just so you can wear a bikini is not a healthy mentality.  I’m totally on board with the popularisation of healthy living because the obesity epidemic is massive and needs serious attention.  I would also like to add there is no shame in wanting to lose weight as long as it’s done safely with the correct mindset.   However, anything that promotes being healthy through harmful methods of restrictive eating and over exercising needs a serious talking to and a b*tch slap in the face.  

Healthy means something different from person to person, for instance, I’m a massive advocate the 80/20 rule and a healthy balance in all aspects of my life not just in to relation food.  It works for me and suits my lifestyle at this point in time. Similarly, a single diet plan or fitness routine isn’t going to work for everyone.  Where health is concerned, not one size fits all because we were created as individuals and it’s just not going to work.  What might work for me may not work for you, but that’s OK, it’s just the reality. Trying to squeeze everyone into the same box by making false promises is cruel and downright mean! 

My biggest beef with these “perfect bikini body” articles is the promotion that we all have to look perfect in our swimsuits and the use of stunning models with their washboard stomachs and perfectly styled hair. I’m sorry, but this just isn’t reality, perfectionism doesn’t exist and the promotion of such only adds fuel to the comparison trap fire – a slippery slope to upset and body image issues.  Even if I worked my ass off in the gym I would never in a million years come close to any of these bikini models.  Plus, the amount of hard work and sweat that it would take to get evenly marginally close, in my opinion, just isn’t worth it.  

Seriously, I would kiss the journalist that completely flipped the bikini body culture on its head. Promoting images of women of all different sizes and cultures wearing a bikini, tankini, swimming costume or Speedos if they prefer would be a positive step forward.  Just because it has been decided somewhere that it’s not socially acceptable for a perfectly normal and equally beautiful woman with stretch marks or belly jiggle to wear a bikini it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have the right to wear one.  The simple fact of the matter is that anyone can wear a bikini regardless of their shape or size.  No one should be made to feel inadequate because they apparently haven’t worked hard enough to perfect their bikini bodies.   Remember this, you look bloody fabulous just the way you are and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise! 

Everyone can wear a swimsuit, regardless of their shape, size, gender, race.  None of these are qualifiers that say you can or cannot wear a swimsuit, you can wear whatever swimsuit your heart desires! I like to wear a bikini on holiday (these days I prefer a tankini), after so long of trying to convince myself that I don’t have the body for one, I now don’t give a second thought to what other people think. If they don’t like it, they can look away or go home!