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A comprehensive list of newborn baby essentials that are helpful to new parents both first and second time around to make things that bit easier.

It’s amazing how much you learn when you become a mum.  Even after the birth of my second baby, I feel that I’ve discovered even more about myself, our new addition and our family unit in these first short weeks.  While trying work at functioning as a family of four and get to grips with everything we’ve established some essentials that we just couldn’t be without and they’ve been invaluable in helping us find our new normal.  

When preparing for a new baby, you come across tonnes of newborn essential lists that fill you with so much information on things that you need to survive when you become a parent.  With Aiden, I took these lists as gospel and literally bought everything – as a new mum I had no idea what I was doing so if someone recommended a life-changing baby product I figured that I needed it too.  We got to 6 weeks and some of the products that we’d bought still hadn’t been used. However, with Amelie, even though I still feel like I’m winging it most days, I do have some confidence in what baby essentials we needed this time.

Everyone’s essential list will be different and this is primarily why I like these kind of posts.  I’ve put together my list of baby essentials that have really been helpful to us as new parents both first and second time around.

1. Nipple Cream

Breastfeeding mamas out there will know that with all that feeding your nipples can become sore and cracked, which can actually be quite painful.  To take care of mine, I’ve been using a natural nipple butter again that doesn’t need to be washed off before baby feeds.  

2.  Playmat

I’ve always loved a bright and colourful playmat for my babies because I think they’re brilliant for their development and practicing some tummy time. 

3. Waterwipes

These are described as the purest water wipes out there.  Made with 99% water and 1% fruit extract they are chemical free and can be used on newborns.  They have been great for cleaning up both my babies and preventing nappy rash. 

4.  Avent Easy Comfort Single Electric Breast Pump

I recently shared my breastfeeding journey and how we introduced bottles of expressed milk to Amelie, so a breast pump has been a must have.  This Philips Avent one has been so simple to use and I’ve been able to create a little freezer stash of milk. 

5. Baby Swing/Rocker

We’ve found having a baby swing amazing for giving both our babies a little space to grow some independence and play.  It’s so lovely to watch them eventually start to play with the toys attached to it as they st

6. Muslin Squares

I love these 100% cotton muslin squares.  They’ve been super handy for cleaning up milk spillages and baby spit up.  I always have one nearby just in case. I also have some larger ones and use them for swaddling too.  Cocooning babies especially in those early weeks reminds them of the womb, which is very comforting and has helped my babies sleep a little better.

7. Room Themometer

We lived in a very old cottage when Aiden was born with thick walls and the room temperature fluctuated from room to room.  Now we live in new build house that’s well insulated and sometime the rooms can feel too hot.  A room thermometer helps to monitor the room temperature to make sure it’s just right.

There are some items that we consider essential, but haven’t actually needed to buy yet such as a baby monitor, but I know that we will need one in a few months time when we try to establish a sleeping routine.  I’ve come to rely on these products and they’ve been a brilliant helping hand when juggling life and trying to get used to having a newborn baby in the house both times around.  

What was on your baby essential list?  Did you buy anything that you just didn’t use?

Do you find lists like this helpful/useful or overwhelming?

*This post was commissioned by Philips Avent as part of their Virtual Mummy Mentor programme, but all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that allow me to do what I love, bringing you wellness content and recipes to help you find your version of balance