I can’t believe that we are here already, time is just flying by so fast!  Rather than moaning that he’s growing far too quickly, which he is, I’m taking each day as it comes and cherishing every special moment with my little man.  Things are more settled now and even though I’m constantly making it up as I go along I feel much more confident in what I’m doing compared to those early days.  We have a lovely network of mummy friends now and go to various classes and playdates.  Despite the almost obligatory meltdowns here and there we’re really having a great time. 

Sleep Deprivation

Now that Aiden has put himself in a sleep routine my quality of sleep is better than it has ever been since he was born.  By 7pm, he’s out like a light and seems to be on schedule every night so I’ve planned his night-time routine around this.  If I’m not too exhausted by this point and haven’t passed out on the sofa (classy!) I can get a couple of hours alone with Alfie before heading to bed.  He’s still not sleeping straight through the night, but the other night he slept from 11pm to 4am only waking up to feed…bliss!


We’re still going great guns in this department and haven’t run into any serious issues.  I’m struggling to get into a routine to express and bank some breast milk in the freezer because it’s difficult to find the time during the day.  Now that Aiden is almost 6 months we’re going to start weaning him.  I’ve always liked the idea of baby-led weaning where the baby feeds themselves chopped up pieces of food and I’m going to start him on that. He likes shoving things in his mouth at the moment so I’m hoping that he will like it.  We went to a baby weaning course at out local children’s centre the other day and picked up a lot of useful information.  I’m really excited for Aiden to start his journey into food. 


Now that I’ve got into a better exercise routine I’m beginning to feel more like my old self again.  Pilates has been a big deal for me recently, especially where my posture is concerned and knitting my abdominal muscles back together again. I don’t have any major gapping of my abdominal muscles, however, I can feel a slight separation that I’m keen to get sorted through gentle exercise.

Over the past week or so my I’ve experienced some sharp pains in my right thumb, which I think is down to ‘mummy’s thumb’ a form of tendonitis called De Quervain Syndrome.  It affects 50% of mums and can be caused by how you pick up your baby causing the tendons in your thumb to become inflamed.  Now that Aiden is bigger rather than scooping him up under his head and bum to carry him I’ve picked him up from under the armpits, which I think has caused it.  I’ve got a doctor’s appointment later today and hopefully we’ll get to the bottom of the issue. 


Sorry to sound like a clichΓ©, but I’m really loving life at the moment! Like all new mamas, I have my moments when I think I’m a completely rubbish, everything has gone to pot and have a complete meltdown because I don’t know why my baby won’t stop crying.  When I weigh up how often these moments occur and how better equipped I am to deal with them now, I know that we’re not doing too badly and in fact we have been very lucky to have been blessed with a generally chilled out baby. 


My two favourite boys!

Aiden’s Milestones

What has struck me is how quickly babies develop and learn new things, especially in such a short space of time.   Aiden now shows a lot of humour and affection towards people and has become very tactile, he likes to touch everything from his daddy’s beard to pulling my lips, even pulling at his baby friend’s dress the other week…such a stud muffin! πŸ˜‰ 

He’s such a strong little man and has great head control and can hold himself up well when he’s on his tummy, now he wiggles his little legs like he’s trying to go somewhere.  I caught him rolling over a few weeks ago unaided and we’re trying to help him sit up too, he’s not quite there yet, but his spine is getting stronger day by day.  We started putting him in a bouncer for 15 minutes every day and he just loves it! Aiden also takes after Alfie in the fact that he’s so vocal and loud once he gets going.  He rabbited on to himself throughout the entire baby weaning class, thankfully everyone thought it was cute instead of annoying! 

The next 6 months are so busy for little AJ, with weaning, sitting up, crawling, talking and walking. It’s such an exciting time seeing him develop into a little boy.  

What were you most excited by when your baby reached the 6-month milestone?

What weaning method did you use? Do you know if you were weaned on pureed food or fed yourself as a baby?