Happy Thursday friends!  As you may know I have really got in to my yoga again whilst being pregnant and I’m loving the opportunity review Om Yoga Magazine at the moment.  I’ve included some of my favourite articles from this months issue and some of my thoughts on the topics in question.  


Recently I have been very interested in the benefits of sleep and the effect that having enough or too little sleep can have on our overall health.  This particular article focuses on the ultimate renewal that sleep can bring to our cells and systems.  From a yoga and anatomical perspective “…the 16 petals of the throat chakra – the body’s sleep centre – are found in the face,” which I found very interesting.  Advantages such of reducing the signs of ageing, increasing mental clarity and physical potential are all positive features of getting a good nights sleep.  Also, having a regular night-time routine is a great way to get the body in tune that you are preparing to sleep and helps it to unwind.  Quiet time in the evening, particularly before going to bed is a lovely and peaceful way to signal to your body that you are winding down – reading, yoga and meditation are all perfect for this.

IMG_1089 Whenever I practice yoga, it is more often than not by myself as I love the tranquility and calming effect it has on me.  I have been to hot yoga classes before, but liked these classes for a completely different reason compared to when I do yoga at home alone.  One thing that I have never considered is doing yoga with my husband – one, because I don’t think that he ever would and two, it is something that I have always kept for some quality ‘me’ time.  However, as this article suggests, practicing yoga with a loved one could bring you closer together and transform your relationship.


I think that I would get some strange looks doing a downward facing dog at my desk in my former workplace, but I can see how practising yoga at work could be advantageous particularly in a  stressful environment.  More discreetly the article advises 3 simple steps to bring yoga into the workplace – breathe, listen and connect.  Knowing how to deal with stress in the workplace can improve your overall performance and relationship with your work, resulting in a better and more calming environment. 


Time seems to be going so quickly, we are almost half way through the year.  Many of us will be on track to fulfil our goals for the year and others my be slipping behind or perhaps changed direction completely.  I enjoyed this particular article as it emphasises the importance of not waiting for the perfect time to grasp or seek an opportunity.  When it comes to achieving a life long dream there is never really ‘a perfect time’ –  you have to go out there and seize the moment.   I think that there is a lot to be said for you feeling ready and having the confidence to grasp the moment, but for me I think the best time is always now.  As suggested in the article picking the right time for you is essential, but don’t wait for the perfect moment as it may never come and you may have lost out on the best opportunity ever. 




I was really happy to see that one of my favourite vegetables, broccoli is in the limelight in this months issue.  I just love it as a side to curry’s or stews as opposed to something more carb based.  There are a lovely collection of broccoli recipes, which look mighty fine, I’m all over the chickpea warm salad, yum!

Do you practice yoga with your partner?

Are you a seize the day person or do you wait for that perfect moment?