Just like in the summer, at this time of year magazines are plagued with faddy diets and quick fixes which apparently help you feel great and body confident around Christmas.  Sorry to be so blunt, but I think most of these articles are a load of crap and very restrictive at a time where food is in excess and fun is to be had.  Now I wanted to put my two cents in and share my personal tips on how I stay happy and healthy at Christmas time, which are perhaps rather alternative to the norm.  


1. Relax and enjoy yourself

First and foremost, relax and enjoy yourself…it’s Christmas after all!  Enjoy spending time with your friends and family and totally immerse yourself in all things Christmas and remember to have fun.

2. Everything in moderation and forget the guilt trip

I don’t believe in depriving your body what it craves.  If it’s a salad or a mince-pie then just go with it! I’m a firm believer in a healthy balance and I hope that comes across on my blog.  Don’t feel guilty about indulging in heavier foods over the festive period or in fact anytime of the year, they’re there to be enjoyed just like healthier foods too.

3. Drink lots of water 

It’s the festive season, so I expect that the alcohol will be out in full force, however it’s also important to drink lots of water too.  Water keeps you hydrated as well as alert and is great for your skin. Sometimes hunger pangs are mistaken for thirst, so it’s worth drinking a glass of water first if you have recently eaten.

IMG_91834. Keep on moving

I’m not talking about going to the gym, not like there’s anything wrong with that at Christmas time!  Long family walks on Boxing Day, dancing around your living room to your favourite Christmas songs, shopping in the sales are all great ways to dust of the cobwebs after being cooped up inside for so long.

5. Snack healthy

Have some healthy snacks on standby to keep you going between meals if you do get hungry, because I know I do! By snacking healthy between meals, it means that you can indulge during your main meals and not feel guilty.

My tips may seem perhaps a little strange, especially from a healthy living blogger and some may disapprove, but for me Christmas is my most favourite time of the year and should be enjoyed.  It shouldn’t be remembered for how many calories you consumed or the number on the scales, but for those special times spent with your friends and family.  

You can watch my new video on how to stay happy and healthy at Christmas on my YouTube Channel, even little Aiden gives his opinion or should I say baby babble on the subject! 

How do you stay happy and healthy at Christmas?  Are you tired of seeing all the faddy diets in the magazines at this time of year?

* Hudl2 provided by Tesco to make the video, but all content and opinions are my own