A Morning Routine When You’re Short on Time

Morning routines are a passion of mine because how we start our day is generally key in how we approach the rest of the day.  If we start it in a positive way that leaves us feeling inspired, motivated and supported we’re more likely to have a better day and handle challenging situations more calmly.

I really thrive on having a morning routine, some space at the beginning of the day just for me to help me start the day and get into the groove.  However, since having my baby girl my old morning routine has gone out the window.

It used to involve meditation, journaling, movement and choosing an affirmation as a kind of theme for the day.  Obviously, I haven’t got time for that right now, but I do hope to get back to that at some point when she’s a bit older.

This brings me on to a sticking point for many when it comes to having a morning routine, time.  For lots of us, the morning time is a complete blur, a mad chaotic rush to get out of the door.


So, how can you make more space for yourself in the morning?

Simply, the most obvious answer is going to bed earlier or waking up earlier that will help some but not all.  If that’s impossible for you, I know there have been times when I’ve tried to wake up early before everyone else and my 4-year-old follows me down the stairs, which can be frustrating, especially since I’ve made the effort to get up early and feel really motivated.


If getting up early isn’t for you my top tips would be to:


Focus on the small actions that you can do that really anchor your day

At the Escape & Create Retreat an amazing sounding Miracle Morning routine was shared that consists of 6-7 steps which are:

  1. Read
  2. Exercise
  3. Affirmations
  4. Silence i.e. meditation, shower or sitting in silence
  5. Visualise
  6. Journal

As incredible as this sounds, sadly at this point in my life I haven’t got time to do all of this to kick start my morning, but I hope to get back to something like this in the future.  It could take a while to get through all of that, so focusing on small actions if you’re time poor will really benefit you.  It can just be one thing that you do every single day that makes you feel good. For me, it can range from making sure the bed is made, drinking my warm water with lemon or time with my planner.

It can just be one thing. You don’t have to do it all.


Reframing what you consider to be nourishing


Perhaps before you had time in your morning for a longer routine to set you up for the day, (more time to meditate, workout, etc.) but a new job that’s further away meaning a longer commute or children have come along and time is no longer yours in the mornings.

Reframing what you consider to be nourishing can really serve you well because it could be something that you’re doing already.  I always take a hot shower in the morning, it’s one of my non-negotiables and since my old routine is no more I’ve really begun to appreciate them more. I make them extra special by using my favourite shower gel. It’s nothing fancy, but because this is a daily morning habit it primes my body to start the day.

It can be simple as having a hot drink in the morning or a wholesome breakfast that you may not have appreciated before, but actually, it can be a really nourishing ritual to start your day.

Be open to change


Change is something that we tend to try to resist and sometimes we try to shoehorn old ways into the new, which doesn’t always work successfully. It’s OK to change, life changes so it’s only natural that our routines change too.  Morning routines aren’t linear and it’s important to have that flexibility there for when this happens.

One way to keep some flexibility into your routine is to discover what feels good and lights you up to help ease yourself into the day in a positive way.  Not just one thing, but many, so you can change things up when needed.  When you haven’t got time to do one thing you’re already prepared with a whole host of other nourishing activities you can do to kick start your day positively.

It’s not all about the pretty


I think it’s important to note that your morning routine doesn’t have to be all about the pretty or “wellbeing sexy” as I like to say. What I’m talking about here are all the typical things that we’re often told we should be doing in order to have a solid morning routine, like the meditation, yoga stretches, and journaling. It doesn’t have to be all unicorns and rainbows. Sometimes the only thing that I have time to get done in the morning is empty the dishwasher, which is far from “wellbeing sexy”.  However, it means that I can just pop the dirty dishes in there throughout the day and shut the door. For me, this a massive support to my mental health because the perfectionist in me doesn’t handle mess very well – I’m not sure why it’s just the way I’m programmed!  Similarly, tackling the laundry mountain means everyone has fresh clean clothes.

It may not be “wellbeing sexy”, but just as nourishing mentally and a helpful way to kick start the day in a different way.

I hope you found this post helpful on how to make space for yourself and create a morning routine when you’re short on time. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below and suggestions on helpful hints that work for you. 

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