A Nourishing Morning Routine With Kids

The mornings as a parent can feel chaotic without throwing in a morning routine. Check out these ultimate tips to build a solid morning routine with kids.

I’m naturally a morning person, so having a solid morning routine in place is key for me to start the day.  There are a couple of rituals that I like to do each morning to really anchor my day and get me in the right frame of mind.   However, since having my kids my morning routine and what it includes has completely evolved. In fact, sometimes I do nothing at all.

As a wellbeing coach, I felt guilty for not having a solid morning practice in place because that’s what we’re told we’re supposed to do to look after ourselves.   I’m not knocking morning routines at all because I do believe in the power of them in anchoring our days and the truth is I would like to reclaim a more ‘Instagramable’ routine at some point, but right now that’s just not realistic for me.

Since having my second baby, my morning routine is less “wellbeing sexy” and verges on the practical side of life.  Before my baby girl was born I used to practice a more “Instagramable” morning routine like this one after I’d dropped Aiden at nursery.  However, with the chaos of doing the school run, nursery drop-offs and rushing out the door I know it’s not going to happen. Plus, trying to fit it in would be more stressful than relaxing.

It’s so easy to say, just wake up before the kids. However, if you’re little ones are early risers like mine coupled with various wake ups during the night you can bet that you’ll find me hiding under the duvet wishing for a few minutes more of sleep. Admittedly, there has been the rare occasion where I’ve managed to wake up before the kids if they’ve slept in, but it’s not consistent enough to have a significant long-term effect on my wellbeing.

I’m a big believer in harnessing the power of the start of the day to have a positive impact on the rest of the day and this is still possible with kids, it just looks a little different. Let me show you how by sharing some practical and realistic rituals that you can easily build into your morning routine that take a few minutes and help you to feel good.

Verbalise what you’re grateful for

While it may be nice to sit with a mug of tea writing in a gratitude journal when you have little ones running around it’s less likely to happen. I’m passionate about having a daily gratitude practice and to make it happen I tell myself in my head 3 things that I’m grateful for each morning. It’s a lovely way to start the day on a positive note.

Another tip to keep up a regular gratitude practice is to have a page in the Notes app on your phone titled “What am I grateful for today?” that you can update on the go.


Make the bed in the morning

For some reason, I cannot start the day without making the bed and I can’t get into an unmade bed either. I was so happy to hear that Caroline Hirons is the same, which I discovered when I was a guest on The Good Life Unravelled podcast. I think it’s that thing of priming my body and mind for the start of a new day and is an essential part of my morning routine.   Glad to know that I’m not a complete weirdo and someone else feels the same way!

Have a hot shower

You’ll probably find without even thinking about it that you have non-negotiables that you have to do before you can officially start the day.  This for me comes in the form of a hot shower. I don’t feel like I’ve started the day properly if I haven’t had one.

I think you can really make the most of a daily shower as well by making it a treat each time with your favourite body wash and lotion for a bit of self care and kindness to start the day.

A nourishing & wholesome breakfast

A good nourishing start to the day in the form of food is a fantastic way to get some early self care into your day. I love a big smoothie, avocado on toast or bowl of granola with berries to help set me up for the day.

I share how to make time for breakfast every day in this post.

Take a deep breath to start your morning routine

Before you even get out of bed, taking a deep breath can help to clear your mind for a few seconds and find some clarity before the day begins. I take this brief amount of time as a calm moment to myself before the chaos of the morning begins.

Don’t check your phone before breakfast

I’ve been trying to do this more and more and I’m definitely feeling the benefits. Social media can be overwhelming and it’s so easy to check in on other people’s lives before your own.  Taking a step back to be in the moment (even if it may be hectic) means that you’re more present and able to navigate stressful situations better because the whole of you is there to deal with them.

A morning routine doesn’t have to be a long and drawn-out process, which when you have kids is pretty impossible to achieve.  We talk about practical and realistic wellbeing routines over in the Unconditionally Nourished Collective.

I’d love to hear your tired mum approved morning routine tips and rituals in the comments below. Do you have a morning routine?



The mornings as a parent can feel choatic without throwing in a morning routine. Check out these ultimate tips to build a solid morning routine with kids.