How to Be More Present Every Day

Do you struggle to live in the present moment?  Our lives are so consumed by working towards our future and setting goals that we often forget about what’s happening around us now.

We’re always striving for the next thing instead of just living our lives day today. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fantastic to be ambitious and want to make big plans for a brighter future, but equally, it’s important to enjoy the journey that’s going to pave the way to get you there.

Being present is about being mindful and appreciating the little seemingly insignificant things that perhaps go unnoticed. It’s about bringing more awareness to your current surroundings instead of worrying about what’s ahead.

Learning how to be fully present when life is busy is easier said than done, which is why I’m sharing some simple ideas on how you can be more mindful and present every day.

Take a day off social media each week

This is something that I’ve recently implemented in my own self care routine and it’s revolutionised my social media usage. It almost resets the way I use social media as the day after a break I rarely feel like showing up or feel the need to.  It can be tough at first and deleting my social media apps, particularly Instagram helps.  I find it so freeing to have this time to be more in the moment and enjoy quality time with my family without being distracted by my phone – such a simple but effective way to lessen the noise and overwhelm.

Feel the way you want to feel

Certain emotions are deemed as negative, but there is some courage that can be found to just sit and observe these feelings for a while.  I think it’s important to feel everything that comes to us rather than trying to change our emotions we can learn so much about ourselves just from how we’re feeling and how we deal with it.  It also allows the opportunity to be more present.


Embrace slow living

Slow living is about making small lifestyle shifts for us to be mindful and calm.  The focus is on slowing things down so that you can do everything as well as possible instead of super fast.  Again it can be a difficult one to find your groove with, however, when you do it forces you to prioritise your wellbeing over productivity and achievement. Living a calmer life is often associated with the Danish lifestyle concept hygge who are thought to be the happiest people in the world.

Enjoy the journey

As previously mentioned are heads are in full drive towards our futures, trying to achieve the personal goals that we set ourselves. Rarely these days are we tuned in with our present lives because we’re always looking ahead.  Not only does taking pleasure in the journey enhance a sense of self-awareness, but also you can learn so much on the way to further your personal growth.

Spend some time reflecting on your day

Journaling is a mindful way to spend some time thinking about your day. It helps to bring some gratitude to your daily practices because you can list why you’re feeling grateful, which in turn encourages positivity.  If you haven’t got time to write in a journal, perhaps using a smartphone app suitable for journaling could help.

Being more present and living in the moment more is a great way to bring more intention into your life and feel free.


If you’re wanting to bring more intention to your life you can download my FREE Passion + Purpose Planner designed to help you live with more purpose and create a life you love.

Are you conscious of being more present?  How are you looking to achieve this?