Do you feel overwhelmed before your day has even begun? Try this miracle morning routine to help bring more focus and ease into yo

Do you feel overwhelmed before your day has even begun? If the mornings really aren’t your best friend, perhaps a miracle morning routine is exactly the thing that you need.  Instead of rushing right into your day and letting other people’s lives in by checking your social media feeds as soon as you wake up, a routine that solely focuses on you is a great way to make more space for you and get you focused on the day ahead.

I’m constantly playing around with my morning routine to suit my life there and then.  It’s not perfect and sometimes involves a cheeky toddler if he’s woken up at the same time as me, but just repeatedly doing a set of rituals and practices every morning really helps to anchor my day and bring some clarity. This is a small amount of time dedicated to just me, which when I’m doing them alone is calming and blissful.  

I’m very much into slowing down my mornings to help bring more ease into my life. Actually, when I make time for myself I actually find that I’m more productive in my work and around the home – it’s a win win!  There are a couple of things that make up my morning routine that I wanted to share with you, in case you were looking to formulate your own miracle morning, but not sure where to start. 

A Pretty Notebook & Journaling

In a digital age, I’m still very attached to my pretty notebooks. There is just something beautiful about getting all of your thoughts and feelings down on paper. My bullet journaling has been revolutionary to help track my daily meals, positive intentions for the day, what I’m thankful for and so much more. It’s extremely cathartic and a lovely calming way to start the day without resorting to checking my phone first thing, however, I have failed at this lately!  Also, it’s not so calming if my little boy is asking to doodle in my notebooks, but I will take what I can get. 

Affirmation Cards and Positive Intention Setting

I share a lot over on my Insta Stories about how I use my affirmation cards and have blogged previously on how I use them every day.  My brightly coloured and beautifully illustrated Crazy Sexy Love Notes are full of positive messages and wisdom. Each day I pull a new card and it gives me a new perspective to acknowledge and work on. 

Do you feel overwhelmed before your day has even begun? Try this miracle morning routine to help bring more focus and ease into yo

5 minutes of Yoga Stretches

As part of getting my health on track, I’ve rejoined the gym. I’m really loving it at the moment and I don’t know about you, but whenever I hold a gym membership that’s all I do.  I like variety in my workouts, which is why I introduced 5 minutes of yoga in my routine to help stretch out my usually tight muscles and as a different form of fitness. Sometimes Aiden likes to join in too and that always adds a new fun dynamic.  Shamefully, his downward facing dog is better than mine.  

A Short Meditation Practice

I don’t profess to be good at meditating, my mind is constantly wondering.  This isn’t something that I do every day either, I just can’t.  It’s something that I always return to when needed and I do like a couple of minutes of silence to block out the outside world for a while. Depending on my mood I prefer to do guided meditations using apps like Calm or Insight Timer

Caffeine and lots of it!

Nothing really seems doable without an injection of caffeine. I’ve really been getting into coffee recently and although I can’t say I have it near enough to be addicted, I can totally see why someone would be.  Plus, there is nothing better than curling up with my journal and a hot mug of coffee or tea. 

Your miracle morning routine doesn’t have to be long, mine takes me about 15 minutes, which with a busy toddler is just about manageable.  It doesn’t even have to be a series of things, just one thing that helps give more focus and clarity to your day. What’s great is that some of the things, especially the yoga I can do with him, although it’s very messy as opposed to Insta-perfect, that’s part of the joy of it. 

Do you have a miracle morning routine? I would love to hear about the things that help to anchor your day in the comments below.