Last year I feel very much like my body wasn’t my own as it was completely taken over by my little bundle of joy, also a lot of my thoughts and energy were focused on this new life that I was helping to bring into the world.   My pregnancy journey was magical and now I have a beautiful baby boy at the end of it, but the experience has left me feeling a bit rough around the edges.  I really want to concentrate on myself this year and not in an egotistical or selfish way, but in the best interests of my family.  As I have already mentioned, I believe that looking after yourself enables you to look after the ones you love the most to the best of your abilities.    

I’m using this new year to ‘reclaim my sparkle’ and have blogged briefly on how I aim to achieve this through my ‘mind, body and soul‘ approach for 2015.  The psychological aspects of health have become really important to me and there are three key areas that I would like to focus on to allow me to feel more settled, which I believe will help to enhance my health and well-being. 


1. Get organised and establish a proper routine with Aiden

Since becoming a mama I’ve felt a little disorganised, to say the least, my more militant routine went out the window when Aiden was born.  Although I feel like we have found a groove that is working for us I think it does need some fine-tuning.  

In the midst of becoming a mother towards the end of last year, I’ve lost my focus a little.  I know what I want to achieve, but things have become clouded in this mamahood whirlwind.  I’m hoping that my new Leonie Dawson Life and Biz workbook that Laura shared on Twitter will help navigate me through, I’m loving it so far. Also, my One Line A Day diary has been great for jotting down lovely snippets from my day, allowing me to cherish the positive moments of each day and giving me time to reflect – looking back is just as important as making plans for the future. 


2. Future security

There are lots of things that I would like to achieve in this area and Alfie and I have done a lot of thinking about our future security since the arrival of our baby.  Discussions about life insurance have crossed our lips many times and is something that we want to get organised this year and build up our savings for our financial security. 

Reading Sophia Amoruso’s story has reignited my inspiration and passion, I want to set about chasing my career path and getting some things in this area set in stone.  My blog and freelance work has really taken off and I’m really loving what I do; however I always feel that things shouldn’t be taken for granted and would like to have a backup career plan just in case.   I’m working on a new blog design and looking at some business plans and alternative career paths which I’m very excited about. 

IMG_93443. Relax and destress

Another thing, that I really want to work on this year, is my stress levels, which seem to increase when I’m trying to balance a mammoth to-do list with a new baby.  I’ve already made progress in this area, for example, I assign certain tasks to certain days, which helps to maintain some clarity and organisation.  In some respects, I know that I’m still organised, but it’s more organised chaos at the best of times, which I’m learning to get used to.  I’m hoping to do more meditating; taking some time out for myself; practise more yoga that always has a calming effect on me; use positive affirmations and some of the things mentioned in my self-love post. 

How do you hope to enhance your psychological well-being in 2015?  

Do you have any goals for your future security?  How do you handle stress?