Well, what a month August has been, I always knew that it was going to be a time of big changes and feeling unbalanced for us.  We relocated and moved into our gorgeous new home in the middle of the month and can finally see above the mountain of boxes – the new house is starting to look like a home.  We made the ‘holy grail’ (obligatory) trip to IKEA last weekend for some inspiration and walked out with various pretties to spruce up the house, including a massive potted plant that I’m calling Gertrude (because, why not!). 

Naturally, everything has felt out of sync and a bit all over the place with the house move – daily routine, fitness, work, eating habits, self-care.  We currently have no childcare either until Aiden starts at his new nursery in a few weeks time, making work deadlines difficult and left me feeling extra tired.


Running up to the move I basically ate whatever was available and most convenient to save myself the stress.  This has meant not making the best choices food wise, especially the first few days after the move too.  Avocado on toast has been a quick healthy staple and those pre-prepared frozen smoothie bags have been a God-send.   My exercise routine became non-existent and my self-care practices went completely out the window.


I’ve loved ready-made frozen smoothies lately!

Needless to say, I need to take a heavy dose of my own advice and practise some major self-care and focus on myself, especially now that things are a bit more settled.  I’ve already started to eat better because I feel like crap if I eat an unbalanced diet for too long and I’ve started to slowly incorporate some exercise again, only doing things that I enjoy. We’re getting there and sorting out a new routine in our new home.  I’m loving having my own office in the new place, a space to call my own.  I cannot wait to get it all looking swanky and removing the mess of boxes.  


Since moving, I did manage to treat myself at the local beauty salon and got my gel pedicure red0ne for a bit of pampering.  I love the ruby-red colour, a nod to my love of autumn. I can’t wait! 


Before we left Dorset, we made the most of the sunshine and living so close to the gorgeous coastline.  Lots of family outings to make each and every last moment count.  Although, I miss living right on the coast, in my heart of hearts, I know that this move was the best thing for us. Moving back, closer to our family feels amazing already and I’m excited for Aiden to form closer bonds with his relatives. 

I’m keeping this monthly recap short and sweet, but I do have lots to update you on after a little fine-tuning behind the scenes.  I hope that you all have a beautiful September ahead, and am I the only one that’s excited that autumn is almost here, surely not?

How was August for you?  Do you have any big changes on the horizon?