Life lately in May

Hello June! We’re halfway through the year already, which means that we are now into single figures counting the weeks until our baby girl arrives…eek!

May was definitely a month all about family and spending some quality time together. As you will read in a moment, it’s been a period of relaxation for us all and exactly what we needed.

Thinking about my birth preferences

Since we’re getting closer to d-day, I’ve been reading up and swotting on labour and childbirth. I know I’ve been through it before, but each birth is different and last time feels like such a long time ago I’ve forgotten about some of the options available. Moreover, there are lots of new things available too, so I’ve been making plans as to what I want to do to prepare for labour this time around and the actual birth itself. Some things are the same and others a little different from last time, but I’ll be sure to share them on the blog soon.

How to Grow a Baby and Push It Out by Clemmie Telford has been an insightful and easy read without being prescriptive, which isn’t my style.

A family getaway to Cyprus

As previously mentioned, half of May was spent on a family holiday – our first abroad in 4 years!  It was long overdue and I’m hoping to do a post on it in the next few weeks.  The idea behind the holiday was to take some time away spend some quality time together as a family before the new baby comes along.  Obviously, Aiden is used to having our full attention, but this is all about to change so it was important for us to create some lasting memories with him that we will cherish.

We all had the best time and it’s it’s safe to say that Aiden had the time of his life. He makes friends very easily so the hotel pool was his favourite part of the holiday where he and we met so many lovely people.  It was so nice seeing him enjoy himself so much because it really was all about him.  I really hope that he remembers a small part of this holiday when he’s older, he’s only 3 and a half so maybe not so much, but we have plenty of photos to remind him of it. 

Life lately in May

Finally Getting Blinds Made for Our Front Window

The significance of this is that we’ve been living in our new home now for 14 months and although we’re not overlooked at the front of the house, we’ve not had anything up in our living room window for all this time. There has been the odd occasion where I’ve been embarrassingly sprawled on the sofa in my PJs watching TV for only my neighbour to pass by walking their dog.  Now, they never directly look straight through the window, but there is always that slight embarrassment after they’ve walked by. 

Safe to say, I’m loving the fact that we finally have our blinds up.  We’re taking our time with putting our stamp on the house.  There is always that risk of rushing in and a few months later hating what you’ve created. We’ll get there eventually, but we do love our home and feel really happy here. 

Life lately in May

Blog Housekeeping

I’ve been doing a bit of blog housekeeping in the past few weeks, which includes adding a ‘Coaching’ page to the top menu.  There you will be taken directly to my Nourish Coffee Dates 1:1 Coaching page where you can read more details about how I can support you and book your free discovery call.  Also, I’ve just opened up a few more spots for my coaching sessions if you’re interested get in touch!

So that’s pretty much my May summed up, a chance to relax and make lots of memories.  It felt like we were away for more than 2 weeks and although it was lovely to be away there is nothing better than coming home and starting to really prepare for our next adventure.

What did you get up to last May? Do you have any exciting plans for June?