Life Lately in April

April has been a decent month for me, especially work-wise with some lovely new projects lining up. I’ve been trying to get organised and preparing for when I go on some kind of maternity leave or break, although I remember last time I got fidgety so not sure how well that’s going to go because I love my work so much. Of course, we had a spell of gorgeous sunshine too which is always a mood booster and such a nice change to the persistent grey.

Balance Day Retreat

Eek! So if you haven’t seen it on my Instagram feed, I co-hosted my first ever retreat with my incredible friend Karen as part of our Mindful Mantra Collective Collaboration. I’ll write a post about it soon, but we’re really pleased about how it all turned out.  It was a day spent with some wonderful women who so kindly trusted in us and really embraced the day.  I’m still buzzing from it, to be honest, and my mind is whirring with ideas for our next one.  

Life Lately in April

Lunch Date With the Husband

One of Alfie’s days off this month timed up beautifully with the gorgeous weather that we had the other week.  We went for a lovely walk around the village and headed to the local deli, a favourite spot of ours for some lunch.  Toddler free time doesn’t happen very often so we try to make a point of it when it does and the weather made it a perfect afternoon. 

Getting Baby Ready

I felt like we hadn’t really done much preparation for our new baby at all. So, I thought it was about time that we got our butts in gear and painted the nursery.  I’ll do a proper reveal in the next few months, but we went for a beautiful light grey colour in the end, so it should grow with the baby and shouldn’t need redecorating for a few years. I’m feeling so relieved that we’ve got that done and dusted and proud that we’ve done our first piece of decorating as a couple. 

Launching my 1:1 Coaching Sessions

Last month, I finally put an idea that I’ve been working on out into the universe and soft launched my Nourish Coffee Dates. These are informal totally relaxed 1:1 coaching sessions to navigate through any wellbeing issues that you may be working through or goals that you are looking to achieve. They’re heart centred chats with me as your cheerleader and acting as an accountability coach. I’m all about supporting women to balance their mind, body, and soul through self care, kindness, and intentional living. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in you can sign up to the mailing list and be the first to hear more and receive an exclusive discount. 

Nourish Coffee Dates 1:1 Coaching Sessions

Embracing The Power of Not Making Plans

When the weekend rolls around and everyone might be home, I’m conscious that I put to much pressure on things to be amazing by making big plans.  However, I was totally reminded last weekend that actually having no plans and going with the flow can feel just as good. We didn’t do anything major, just pottered around the garden, ate lots of delicious food and enjoyed each others company and it was one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long while. 

How has April been for you? Do you find that you always end up making big plans every weekend?