Things to Let Go of Before The New Year

This year has seen some big shifts for me in my business and personal life.  Over the past few days, I’ve been giving some deep thought over what has happened, both the ups and the downs.

So often we don’t give our times to reflect on what has passed, however, it’s vital that we work this into our wellbeing routines in order for us to adapt and tweak thingsso we can move forward.

Plus, taking some time out to assess the year gone by also gives you the opportunity to identify your wants and needs for you to thrive in the coming new year.  Keeping in mind what energised you, brought joy and lifted you is a massive help in discovering what to implement more of in the new year to create a life you truly love.

An end of year ritual that I love to do is a bit of personal admin, which means focusing some of my time on making space for the things that get me closer to where I want to be.

This has looked like unsubscribing to newsletters that no longer serve me, leaving Facebook groups that aren’t in alignment, unfollowing social media accounts I don’t connect with and tidying up my desktop because quite frankly it was a mess.

Spending some time clearing out the things in your life that drain your energy and feel heavy is a process I love to do at the end of the year. It’s a great way to re-evaluate what’s working for you and what you need more of in your life.

I’m sharing some things that you can let go of in the new year to make space for the exciting and new to start January on a fresh foot.


Fear of failing

This is a big one and we really need to change the language that we use when it comes to talking about failure. The fear of failing can actually stop you from starting and moving you forward. It’s the number one criminal when it comes to self-sabotage, however, imperfections and failure are sources of strength and inspiration.

There are plenty of examples throughout history where people have messed up, learned from their life lesion and got back up again and achieved the unthinkable. ⠀Never let your fear of failing sabotage your happiness or stop you working on yourself.

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Everything needs to be perfect

Since I’m a recovering perfectionist, this is something that I have struggled with a lot. I thought my perfectionist tendencies would set me up for success. How could I ever fail if I’ve done everything perfectly?

Let me tell you straight, perfectionism doesn’t exist!  We’re stressing ourselves over a perceived standard we’ve set and it’s not even a thing.  Put one imperfect step forward and own it because you deserve to shine, regardless of whether you get it right the first time or not.


Not accepting yourself as you are

Acceptance only happens when you look inwards and realise that you matter just as you are. When we dislike ourselves we fall into the trap of trying to imitate someone else to feel better about ourselves. You’re not broken or need fixing, your ideas aren’t small, and you don’t need to be someone else to be noticed in the world.  The world needs to see you exactly you are, not as a low rent version of someone else.

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Suppressing your feelings

Sometimes our feelings towards a particular situation don’t follow societal norms and you can made to feel that they’re abnormal.  I want to remind you that you’re allowed to feel the way you feel.  No matter what your feelings they’re always valid .simply because you’re feeling them.

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Being busy is the road to success

With today’s fast-paced modern society the majority of us feel the need to be busy to live up to society’s expectations.  It’s almost as if being busy is a badge of honour and the level of busyness determines your success.

Sometimes we make ourselves busy as a form of avoidance to divert our attention away from something that we need to address in our lives.  In the new year, let go of the concept of being busy and dial up your self care routine and look after yourself.

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What are you going to be letting go of in the new year?

I’d really love to hear about your goals and intentions for the new year ahead in the comments.  If you’re looking for help with how to create a life you love and living with more intention download a free copy of my Passion + Purpose Planner today.