15 Ways To Invest In Yourself

Want to know the one thing that you’ll never regret in your life?  Firstly, you should never regret anything because each and every life experience is there to teach you something.  However, one regret that you’ll never have is taking up the opportunity to invest in yourself.

Spending some time to invest in yourself to aid your personal growth is something that will keep rewarding you for a lifetime.  You’ll thank yourself time and time again. 

Each year, I’m always exploring different ways that I can work on myself to help me evolve in my personal life and in my business. These can range from learning a new skill, signing up to a course, taking on a new challenge, doing some mindset work or practicing some self care.

It doesn’t even have to involve spending any money if you don’t want to, but investing in yourself is going to benefit you in so many ways. I’m sharing 15 different ways that you can invest in yourself in order for you to grow and get you closer to where you want to be.

Learn something new

This is something that I’m looking into and feel that it’s so worthwhile.  Taking up a new class can open up your mind, alight new passions and allows you to discover new opportunities.

Plan out your week

This is more of a time investment, but planning out my week on a Sunday night has become a ritual of mine.  It allows me to see clearly what I want to achieve in chunks and gives me a sense of clarity that I find that I always need.

Check out these tips to help you be more organised in your home, life, and business.

Indulge your creative side

Many of us have a creative side that is yet to be explored. Whether it’s cooking, crafting, writing or creating music being creative allows us to grow in many aspects of our lives and is definitely an investment worth pursuing.

Keep your mind active

Soduko was a massive craze at one point and it’s still very popular.  Games and quizzes that exercise the brain are a great way to keep your mind active so that it doesn’t become subject to today’s reliance on modern technology.

Take up a new hobby

How long have you wanted to take up a new hobby?  Do it!  Bringing something new into your life that you enjoy is going to make you feel happier and fulfilled.  Plus, it’s a lovely way to get some time to yourself, which is something that I make sure that I do every day.

Discover your strengths

Find some time to write a list of your strengths, which is something that we don’t think too often unless we’re going for a job interview.  Knowing our true strengths will allow you to develop your weaknesses more and making you, even more, awesome than you already are!

Read a book

Reading is so underrated these days, but it’s so important.  You can learn so much from reading a book and it brings a real sense of escapism from your own bedroom, without requiring you to book a flight to the tropics.

Nurture your mind, body & soul

Taking the time to work on yourself now means that you are well equipped and have even more to give in the future.  Not only will you feel stronger, wiser, energised, mindful and reconnected, but also healthy and happier too.


It’s a big world out there and flicking through the holiday brochures just isn’t the same.  Travelling is so much more than taking a holiday it’s about opening your eyes and heart to new experiences and cultures.

Explore your local area

On the back of the point about seeing the world, it’s just as important to explore your local area. There are so many hidden treasures around you that you probably walk or drive by every day but don’t get to see them.  Make the effort to get about your stomping ground more, you might be surprised by what you find.

Book in some ‘me’ time every day

During our hectic daily schedules more often than not we forget about taking some time out in our day to relax.  I like to make space in my day whether it’s 2-minutes or 30 minutes to relax. I may have a tea break, meditate, close my eyes for a few minutes, anything to find that moment of calm that we all need to reconnect, rebalance and regroup.

Check out these self care ideas that you can do in under 10 minutes. 

Go to the theatre or a concert

We can all watch music shows or our favourite soaps on the TV, but there is something special about seeing a live show.  Exploring culture and the arts is a wonderful way to try something new and you can make a night of it by going out for a meal or for drinks too.

Take a class

Use this year to learn a whole new skill, there is plenty on offer at your local college or courses that you can take online.  I went to my first photography class last week and really enjoyed having the time to myself and investing in something that I really enjoy.

Book a spa treatment

Let’s be honest, we often neglect ourselves and looking after your health goes far beyond eating well and exercising.  It’s all about feeling great in all aspects in life, so treat yourself to a spa treatment big or small.  A little self-indulgence will make you feel special, relaxed and like a million dollars.

Go for regular check-ups with the doctor, dentist, and opticians

We find ourselves in the doctor’s surgery when we are ill.  How about going for regular check-ups to make sure everything is ticking over nicely to prevent a build-up of issues that could have been spotted much earlier.  We’re all guilty at some point in our lives for not going for a check-up, but try and make it a priority in 2016.

As a bonus, I’d thought I’d do a shameless plug about investing in a wellness coach! If there’s a wellness goal that you’d like to achieve hiring a coach is a great way to help you get there. As a certified coach, I help women create more space for themselves and supercharge their wellbeing through building solid routines, intentional and purposeful living, practical and realistic self care and cultivating inner confidence to create a life you love.  If you’re like to find out more about how we could work together click here or you can book a free breakthrough coaching call so we can chat.

How are you investing in yourself this year?  Have you taken up anything new recently?