Potentially a little late to the party with this post, however it’s still January so I’m sticking with it.  Controversially, I’ve been taking great pleasure in taking it slowly this January. There always feels like there has to be this massive rush to jump into the new year with two feet firmly placed with an action plan of how you’d like the next 365 days to play.  I’ve taken a different approach this year and taken some time away form the blog and biz to actually discover and get real with actually I actually want.  It’s actually been really refreshing and eye-opening – a great tip that I picked up from the lovely  Jennifer Cockcroft (you can read her #SelfCareDiaries interview here). 

What I like to do at the beginning of the year is to settle down with my planner and set some intentions and a word for the year. I find intentions setting far more heart centred than setting resolutions.  I’ve been using my beautiful Hello Day planner to help me.  It’s taken me much longer to get everything written down and planned this time around, but taking a step back has helped me find more alignment with my intentions. Plus, I don’t think we have to have everything sorted come January 1st. Sometimes we don’t know where we are going and it’s ok to settle into this groove and take our time.

So here are my intentions for 2019:

See more of the world and the UK

I’ve got a deep yearning to travel this year, see more of the world and discover more of the UK that we haven’t visited. I really want my little ones to experience as many different countries as possible.  Travelling is such a great education and it’s something amazing that we can do together as a family to create some special memories.  There are a couple of places on my list that I’d love to travel to and I really hope that we can make it happen.

Push myself out of my comfort zone

I’m a creature of habit and do get far too comfortable in my routine. This year I’m really trying to step outside my safe haven and explore new territory.  One of the main things that I think will help with is public speaking and as an introvert this isn’t something that comes naturally to me, which is why I think it’s the perfect challenge. 

I’m putting it out there that I’d love to talk at some workshops, do more videos on Instagram and perhaps even do some Facebook Lives too.

Host more retreats and set up my coaching business

I loved hosting our retreat last year as part of the Mindful Mantra Collective collaboration and definitely want to do some more this year.  It’s such a lovely way to connect with like-minded people, relax, learn something new, and have fun.

I’ve already set the ball rolling on this intention with a brand new retreat that I launched with my friend Emma-Jayne last week.  The Spring ‘Escape & Create’ Retreat in April set in the Derbyshire countryside is now on sale and early bird tickets are currently available. It would be great to see you there if you can make it. 

I’d also love to develop the coaching side of my business too later in the year as I really loved getting stuck into it last year with my Nourish Coffee Dates, so watch this space!

Make more time to read

I have a problem. I keep buying and seeing so many amazing books to read but never get around to reading them.  Of course, I’ve got two little children so time to myself doesn’t happen very often, but I think sometimes that can become an excuse. There have been some evenings where I’ve just sat and watched TV aimlessly, not really interested in what’s on, and it’s been the perfect opportunity to get stuck into a book.

Plan more family outings and explore the local area

A few months ago, Alfie discovered Day Out With The Kids, a fantastic website for searching for activities that are perfect for children.  We’ve come to some weekends short on things to do, which is fine, but when you have an energetic 4-year-old to entertain it’s always nice to get out the house, which we all benefit from.  From the website we’ve discovered so many great places local to us, some free and some that you have to pay for.  It’s been great fun discovering and enjoying things local to us.

Less time on social media and more time in my own life

This one always ends up on my list and I always start off pretty well, but then it goes down hill and I become annoyed with myself. It’s such a hard one to crack when social media is such a huge aspect of your work, but I’m determined and intend on taking some social media breaks throughout the year. 

Moving on to my word of the year, for 2019 I chose FLOURISH.  This word really resonated with me as I think I have a real urge to grow both personally and in my business this year through testing new waters, challenging myself a bit more and not being scared to show up even though I may not be quite ready to.  

What are your intentions for 2019? Do you have a word for the year?