How to Find Your Inner Glow

In collaboration with LithoLexal.

Finding your inner glow isn’t just about eating well and exercise, it’s also about how we feel on the inside and supporting our mental wellbeing.  My whole approach to wellbeing is holistic in order to nourish the mind, body, and soul to be wholly healthy.

I’m currently on a mission to get back to feeling my best after having my two babies.  For too long now, I’ve been using them as an excuse for not looking after myself.  Even though I’m proud of my body and all it has given me, I currently don’t feel comfortable in myself.

Of course, as you know, I don’t subscribe to faddy diets or fasts.  I’m all about a gentler approach that involves filling my plate with lots of delicious wholesome foods and moving my body in ways that I love.

I’ll be sharing my journey over on my Instagram Stories if you’d like to follow along, however, here are some of the things that I will be doing to help me glow from the inside out:

Filling my plate with wholesome food I enjoy without restrictions


When it comes to food, I love it!  I really enjoy experimenting with different flavours and ingredients and filling my plate with the foods that I love.  Never will I restrict what I eat, food is there to be enjoyed and life would be boring without cake and chocolate.

I’m just going to be making conscious choices and feasting on more nutrient dense foods, but still enjoying the soul-nourishing foods too. Pretty much following the 80:20 concept.

I always like to keep in mind that there is no such thing as good or bad foods.

Adding more movement in my daily routine


I do find it tough trying to fit my workouts in with a baby and if we’d had a rough night of wakeups the last thing I feel like doing is a workout. However, I know I always feel better for it afterward.

When it comes to working out, I’m definitely a morning person.  I like the fact that it’s then out of the way and it’s a fantastic way to kick start the day.  Additionally, I enjoy carving that bit of ‘me time’ and doing something for myself early on in the day.

I always aim to move my body in ways that I enjoy, rather than doing something because I think I should. 

Drink more water to stay hydrated and glow


Drinking 2 litres of water every day does feel like a struggle. In fact, even getting one glass of water can feel like an impossible mission sometimes with small children.

Even though I know it’s good for the body, I can be rubbish at drinking water and I know that I’m not alone.  On a decent water consumption day, what has really helped is keeping my refillable water bottle topped up and close by.  I’m going to keep this habit up because it seems to work well for me and helps keep me accountable.

Finding your inner glow isn't just about eating well and exercise, it's also about how we feel on the inside and supporting our mental wellbeing. Give these tips a try to help you glow from the inside out.

Research the benefits of supplements and how they can support our wellbeing


We can get so much from the food that we eat that supports our body, especially when we ‘eat the rainbow’ to ensure we’re getting a good variety of nutrients.  However, there are some nutrients that we can’t simply get from our food and I’m interested in exploring the world of nutrients.

I already take a daily vitamin-D supplement, but recently I’ve been trying LithoLexal ADVANCED Joint Health, which is formulated to support the natural collagen formation and development of cartilage in the body.  Both are important for the normal functioning of our joints.

For when you need some extra support a product formation that’s based on solid scientific research like LithoLexal can be beneficial.

Finding your inner glow isn't just about eating well and exercise, it's also about how we feel on the inside and supporting our mental wellbeing. Give these tips a try to help you glow from the inside out.

Doing it my way for me


It’s all too easy to be completely inspired by somebody else’s journey and start living your own life on their terms.  However, to be truly healthy and find your inner glow, it’s important to be yourself and life that feels authentic to you.

We’re all different and what works for me isn’t necessarily going to work for you. There’s nothing wrong with that fact, it’s just the way it is.

I’ll be making informed choices based on my own needs that feel right for my body.


Making Space For What Makes My Soul Happy and refind my inner glow


We all feel better after a good laugh and generally, exude happiness when we’ve done something that we love.  I’m passionate about making time for myself, even if it’s just 10-minutes a day.  Plus, taking care of your own needs isn’t just about you, it means that you can give your best to your loved ones too.  Everybody benefits!

I will be discussing in more detail how you can reconnect with yourself, find more joy, glow from the inside out, and make more space for your needs to support your wellbeing in my upcoming online Self Care Bliss Master Class.

In this 90-minute power packed masterclass will be arming you with the tools to beat the overwhelm and create a solid realistic self care routine that works for you.  I hope you can join me on 10th July at 7.30PM.  You can check out the details and reserve your space here.

What would your number one wellbeing tip be to help get that glow?

*This post was commissioned by LithoLexal, but all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that allow me to do what I love, bringing you wellness content and recipes to help you live an unconditionally nourished life.