Hygge Essentials For Autumn and Winter

Self care is a topic that I’m deeply passionate about and talk about often because sadly for some of us it’s lacking or we slip out of making it a habit (me included).  Making yourself a priority and ensuring your needs are honoured is essential for optimum balance and wellbeing.  Autumn offers so much in the form of opportunities for us to get deep into our self care practices and finding things that bring more joy and bliss into our lives.

As soon as September/October hits, it’s my time to embrace the darker nights and cosiness.  It’s almost as if we go into hibernation after the long summer of being outdoors and we prepare to emerge again with the first signs of spring.  Hunkering down and immersing myself in the season is a must, it’s simply wonderful.  My candles are lit, blankets are on standby for cosy Netflix evenings and the slow cooker is crying out for a break due to overuse.

Autumn and my favourite Scandinavian concept, hygge, allows us to make the most of this beautiful season.  Of course, the time to check in on your self care routine is anytime, but the cosiness of hygge makes it even more perfect and there are so many ways that this can be achieved with some of these hygge essentials.

Connect with nature


Although autumn can be wet and grey, there are also those crisp sunny days that are perfect to enjoy outdoors.  A personal favourite way to immerse myself in any season is to go for a long walk and connect with nature.

Treat Yourself to a “Me” Day


Let’s be honest, taking some time out for yourself is a luxury.  Try to set a date in your diary to focus on your needs and fill the day with things that you love.

Update Your Wardrobe With Something Seasonal


We could all do with a wardrobe update from time to time and moving into a new season is great excuse to treat yourself to a cosy knitted jumper or socks.  Cosy knitwear is high on the hygge essentials list for me!

Take a long candle-lit bath


A cosy evening is best started with a long soak in the bath. Make your bathroom a sanctuary by lighting some candles and pop some essential oils in the bath for some ultimate relaxation.

Start a Bullet Journal


Journaling is a great way to release any negative feelings, set intentions, and get in your own space for a while.  Treat yourself to a pretty notebook and make it a daily habit to get your deepest thoughts on paper.

Create Cosy Reading Nook


Reading is one of my favourite ways to unwind and there is no better way to do that in the autumn cosied up under a blanket with a warm drink.  Identify a designated reading nook in your home and make it your dream space to get cosy with a book.

Freshen up your hairdo


We can often get tired of the way our hair looks, especially if you’ve had the same hairstyle for a few years.  It may be time to treat yourself to an appointment with your hairdresser and freshen up your look.

Grab an Early Night


If the long summer nights have stopped you getting an early night, now is the time to make the most of the darker nights of autumn. Recharge your batteries and get an early night to hopefully feel rejuvenated the following morning.  Try not to give in to the temptation of mindless scrolling and hide your phone in a drawer.

Have a spa day at home


Light all of your scented candles to create a calming atmosphere and select your most favourite nail varnish and give yourself a manicure or pedicure. Perhaps your partner could give you a massage with a scented oil while you spend some quality time together.

Dust of the slow cooker


Get creative in the kitchen and cook a warm and hearty meal in your slow cooker. I love my slow cooker because it means that I can pop all the ingredients in while making breakfast and it’s ready come dinner time – no real effort required.

Add Fairy Lights to your decor


The warm light from fairy lights creates the perfect relaxing atmosphere for a hygge night in.  Go for soft white lights as opposed to bright lights as they have a more relaxing effect which is what you’re aiming for.

Create a daily gratitude practice


Listing what you’re grateful for makes you appreciate what you have in your life now in this moment. This is especially helpful if you often find yourself comparing yourself to others.

Have a social media detox


I did exactly this last weekend and it was the best thing that I’ve done for my wellbeing in a long while.  Blocking out the distractions of social media meant that I could be present in my life and enjoy every moment.

Make a decadent hot chocolate


Go the extra mile and curl up with a cosy hot chocolate made with real chocolate and topped with squirty cream and marshmallows – perfectly hygge!

Minimise your stuff


Removing objects in your life that no longer serve you by donating them to charity or binning them, is a fantastic way to bring to make space for things that bring in more bliss. One of my coaching clients did this recently and she said that she felt so much better for it afterward.

Treat yourself to some autumn scented candles


Like fairy lights, candles are the epitome of hygge as they create that tranquil and warming atmosphere.  There are some beautiful seasonal scented candles out there right now, so why not go and treat yourself. Having candles burning is a sure way to ramp up that cosy factor and they’re one of my favourite hygge essentials.

Book a weekend away in a log cabin


This might sound overindulgent, but you deserve it!  If you can book a weekend away, there are some lovely places to stay in the UK.  Really get your hygge on and go for a log cabin in the mountains to recharge your batteries and disconnect from the world.

Work through your book pile


Never seem to find the time to read?  Take some time out and curl up with a good book and maybe make that indulgent hot chocolate too.

Write an autumn bucket list


Sit down and write an autumn bucket list of all the seasonal activities that you would like to do and really get into the autumn spirit. Tick them off as you work your way through the list. You can fill your bucket list with lots of hygge essentials that make you feel good.

Check out my Summer Bucket List here. 

Add some seasonal touches to your home


Really make your space ready for autumn by adding some blankets, new cushions and anything cosy.  I love interior design and have especially really indulged this passion since buying our new house.  Changing things up in a seasonal way is not only fun but lets your creativity loose, which is an act of self care because you’re doing something that you love.

Well, there you go! Lots of ideas to make the most of the season and ramp up your self care practice and routines. Of course, these ideas can also take you through to winter too and hopefully help you to feel your best during the colder months.

There’s been lots of talk about hygge and living seasonably over in my private Facebook community recently. If you’d like to join and get support on your wellbeing journey click here

I’d love to know what your favourite hygge essentials are to help you feel good in the colder months. Have you tried any of the things mentioned here? 


Hygge is a Danish concept focusing on cosiness, wellbeing and contentment. Grab these hygge essentials to help you feel fabulous in the colder months.