How to stop comparing yourself to others

We’ve all been there, including me, sometimes we can’t help comparing ourselves to others.  Life can be so competitive sometimes and we get caught up in other people’s lives wishing perhaps that we had what they have.  I think comparing yourself to someone else is as natural as any human emotion, no one is immune to it.  

Comparison is the thief of joy‘ – I love this quote and think that it hits the nail on the head.  Like many, I’ve become preoccupied with my deficiencies and it’s heartbreakingly sad that we are never satisfied with what we have. We compare houses, jobs, clothes, attractiveness, bodies, money and everything else in  between, which in the end has a massive effect on lowering our self-esteem and encourages negative self-talk and harmful acts of self-sabotage.

While comparisons can be motivational and a source of personal development, they can also send us into a downward spiral of doubt and lead us to undermine our self-worth.  Social media has provided us with another way to compare ourselves with other people, many whom we have never even met before.  I think this makes it even more important to ensure we have a firm grip of ourselves and stop using friends and complete strangers as a way to measure our own successes.

Perhaps I’m not even qualified to talk on this topic, but as someone who like many has experienced it, I thought I would share some the ways that have helped me move away from this. 

Be grateful for your own successes

We all come from different walks of life and this gives each and every one of us different perspectives and experiences.  No matter how small or large, you are all armed with the potential to give so much and give a great deal. By looking back at your own successes, whatever they maybe can inspire you to move forward and to pursue even more greatness. 

Sound out the triggers in your life

As previously mentioned, social media has a lot to answer for when it comes to falling into a comparison trap.  Sometimes it’s better to remove these triggers from your life by muting or unfollowing certain social media accounts so that you sound out all that negative noise.  This way, rather than concentrating on other people’s lives you begin to focus on your own wants and needs to begin living a truly fulfilled and inspired life.

Be kind to yourself

As humans, I think that we are so hard on ourselves. We bitch about ourselves when we get something wrong or when our bodies fail us. Be gentle with yourself, you can do anything you want in life but you can’t do everything. Be gentle with yourself and remember that you are always trying to do the best you can You are enough and worthy of great things! 

Transform your  competitiveness into appreciation

Competition does have a place in this world in the right setting, however, it can become overwhelming and on some occasions harmful to your wellbeing.  Rather than trying to compete with your peers and get higher on the ladder, appreciate their successes and use it as inspiration in your own life.

Remind yourself that no one is perfect

It’s so important to remember that no one is perfect.  So easily, I  have been pulled in my the lure of the seemingly perfect lives that are put out there on social media.  Now I’m more drawn to people who keep it real rather than those hiding under a blanket of  unicorns and candy floss.  

Of course, wanting to grow and reach greater heights is nothing to be snarled at, in fact, it’s inspirational and well worth striving for.  One thing that always gets to me when I start to compare myself to others is how far ‘behind’ I feel, but I now reinterpret this with a more positive perspective. I’m not behind at all,  I have a healthier view of myself and show gratitude for my successes. There is room in the world for everyone, we all offer something unique and special in our own little way.  

Do you compare yourself to others?  What do you do to get a grip on this?