Throughout our lifetime we experience lots of changes in all different areas, some are welcomed with open arms and others we would rather not have occurred.  When you are set in a routine it can be hard to adapt and readjust to changes in your life no matter how small.  It’s perfectly acceptable to be scared of change, I think sometimes there’s the tendency to hide our fears and let them bubble under the surface and not speak openly about how we feel.


My life has taken one major turn recently with a new baby, things are very different that’s for sure, mind, body and soul.  Life as I know it is completely transformed and initially how I was going to handle the changes that motherhood would bring my way was scary.  It’s definitely an overwhelming experience and you are thrown right into the deep end from the very start.  Not only is there the mental changes to deal with, but also the obvious physical changes too, I have a post coming up about that soon.  From my earlier and recent experiences with change, here are some of my tips that have helped me to adapt to new situations and surroundings:

Accept the inevitable

Change is coming your way whether you like it or not, as hard as it may sound, there is no point trying to resist it.  Acceptance that changes are going to or about to happen in your life is probably the first step to dealing with them and makes it a bit easier to deal with when they do come knocking at your door.

Give yourself time to readjust

No matter what changes you are comforted with, it’s OK not to wholly be on board with them in the beginning.  Some changes can be big and it can take time to get used to them.  Giving yourself time to readjust will allow you to become more settled and comfortable in your new set of circumstances.

Let go

Feeling disgruntled, out of sorts and angry with change in the beginning is perfectly acceptable and normal.  However, depending on the situation feeling this way for a long time can cause more harm than good.  When you feel ready, it may be better to just let go and embrace the change with a more positive outlook.

Chase the opportunity

With it change often brings brand new opportunities.  Moving forward, grasping the change with both hands could be exciting and possibly put a positive spin on a bad situation. Also, a time of change could be a chance to take a step back and reassess your life, allowing you to take control and perhaps make your own changes, which you can prepare for in advance.

Leave the past behind you

If there are some bad feelings and negativity surrounding a particular change it’s probably best to leave these in the past or clear the air.  Change is how we progress in life and if you are still firmly rooted in the past you may hinder this process.  Moving on from a bad situation connected with change will help you deal with it better and allow you to start on a clean playing field. 

What changes have suddenly occurred in your life? Are you good at dealing with positive and negative changes?  How do you readjust?