I can remember this day as if it was only yesterday…

On this day last year it was the morning of my wedding. There were No butterflies, just full of excitement as I was about to marry my best friend.

We have been together for eight years and lived together for 6 of them.  Many people have asked ‘so what was the point in getting married?‘ Or even more popular ‘does it feel any different?‘.  In truth, no it feels very much the same, but in so many ways it does feel different. I can’t explain what these differences are, but they are there.  Maybe its that sense of security, belonging and the fact that we have a future together.

One of the crucial things that this year has taught me is that me and Alfie are complete opposites, which one would presume would lead to a catastrophe. However, in what I lack Alfie makes up for in endless amounts.  I think this is the reason why we just seem to work.  We’re a team made up of 2 very different halves with different interests, but we have the same ambitions and  life long goals.

Now on the same day a year later we are on our belated honeymoon sipping cocktails, celebrating everything that we have achieved in our first year of marriage, looking ahead to what infinity may bring our way.

Do  you believe that opposites attract?

What wedding anniversary are you celebrating this year? How do you mark the occasion?