An honest insight into my first trimester with my second pregnancy looking at the not so perfect pregnancy diet, self care, fitness and cheese sandwich cravings.

So here we are again! It all still feels a bit surreal if I’m honest, I don’t think with a second pregnancy you have much time to process things like you do with your first. However, as some of you probably have seen on my Instagram feed, we are excitingly awaiting the arrival of our new family addition.

I’m actually in my second trimester already and now 24 weeks pregnant. Our little bundle of joy is due in July and time is going so fast that I’m a bit behind on this post.  To be honest, I’m not really feeling the weekly bump updates like I did with Aiden. Week on week, this pregnancy hasn’t been strikingly different to my first and figured they would be boring to read.   So, don’t worry if you’re not into the pregnancy thing, I won’t be banging on about it forever on the blog, but I do post regular updates on my Insta Stories and have a designated “Baby” highlights over there too if you’re interested. 

Well, I guess it would be best to just start at the beginning. This pregnancy was totally planned as we felt totally ready, although now thinking about it the thought of actually going up to two children scares the hell out of me (I’ll save that for another blog post!).  I don’t feel particularly ready for baby number two, especially mentally, but are you ever? I knew I was pregnant before I even bought a pregnancy test, call it mother’s instinct but I’d seen the usual physical changes in my body that happened during my first pregnancy – the sudden increase in the size of my boobs for one!

First Trimester Symptoms

I found the first-trimester rough, main difference this time around is that I have an energetic toddler to look after, which can be draining in itself without growing a new human too.  The tiredness has been unrelenting and it’s made it difficult to really enjoy this pregnancy as much as I would like.  Not only the extreme tiredness, I’ve experienced nausea this time too, which I didn’t in my first.  I’ve been sick a couple of times, but it mainly occurs when I’m hungry and weirdly my gag reflex kicks in, which now means I must have snacks on hand.  

Something that I don’t remember from being pregnant with Aiden is the ridiculous hunger, I’m not talking about “Oh my belly’s rumbling I should eat now” it’s more “OMG! If I don’t eat right this minute I’m going to eat the next person I see!”  I’m constantly eating at the moment and it’s actually helping with the nausea. 

An honest insight into my first trimester with my second pregnancy looking at the not so perfect pregnancy diet, self care, fitness and cheese sandwich cravings.

The Not So Perfect Pregnancy Diet

Some will probably assume that because of my job, I’m eating the perfect pregnancy diet…erm nope!  Like with my first pregnancy I went straight off vegetables immediately and carbs have been life.   Also, cheese sandwiches have been a constant winner for me and of course anything chocolate related.  I haven’t been eating an ideal diet, I can’t even remember the last time I made a green smoothie. It’s all been about grab and go and anything that takes my nausea away and cheese sandwiches and mountains of carbs have really been hitting the spot lately.

Don’t get me wrong, I have tried to make a conscious effort to eat more vegetables, especially in my second trimester, however, I just haven’t had a natural affinity to them and hate forcing myself to eat something that I’m not going to enjoy.  I’m a big believer in balance and I am getting more greens in now (although still not to my normal levels) and tried to embrace my carbs and cheese sandwich obsession, trusting my body that it knows what it’s doing. 

An honest insight into my first trimester with my second pregnancy looking at the not so perfect pregnancy diet, self care, fitness and cheese sandwich cravings.

Self Care and Slowing Down

Seriously, finding time to even think about this second pregnancy has been a struggle. When you already have one small child to look after it doesn’t leave that much time to process anything else.  I do feel like “second child syndrome” begins as soon as you fall pregnant and the dreaded mum guilt instantly kicks in. 

Not only haven’t I felt like I’ve had any time to really dedicate to the new baby, well not as much as I’d like anyway, it’s been tough trying to slow down and make time for myself.  There’s so much that I want to do in my business before the baby arrives that it’s so tempting to just carry on through the tiredness. I have started to schedule in breaks and naps throughout my work day and be more realistic about my energy levels, which has helped dramatically. Sometimes, there’s just no point trying to work through the tiredness and a rest can make me feel more productive when I get back to work. I know I’m incredibly lucky that I can take breaks when needed as I work for myself and this isn’t possible for some.

I have a spa day with my mum booked in soon and a family holiday planned so they will both help on the relaxation front. Also, I’ve kept up with a gentler version of fitness routine at the gym and going to my pilates classes which have been a great way to take some time out and feel good.

13-week scan and baby shopping

Ah, the scan!  This was such an exciting day and I always feel anxious beforehand, but thankfully everything went as it should and our little baby is thriving and doing well.   This one is a little dancer, I had to leave the scan room and go for a walk because they weren’t cooperating and moving about so much.  The sonographer managed to get everything that they needed when we returned though, still with some difficulty.  We made it a baby dedicated day, Alfie and I went out to lunch and then headed to Mamas & Papas to pick out the baby’s nursery furniture and a few other bits. It was so nice to have a baby-focused day while Aiden was at nursery. 

That’s it really, in terms of first trimester updates go. We’re all super excited and a little apprehensive. I know Aiden is going to be the most loving big brother, he keeps saying ‘when the baby pops I can play with them‘ – if only it was that simple son! I’ll go into more detail about my emotional health and feelings about my second pregnancy in a separate post. My second-trimester update is in the pipeline, so watch this space.  Also, as mentioned above I give regular day-to-day updates on all things baby and my wellbeing on my Insta Stories if you’re into that kind of thing (totally get it if you’re not!).

How did your pregnancy symptoms differ between your pregnancies? Were you scared of going up to 2 children?

What’s the one strategy that you use to find time to practice self care when things get busy?