How to Embrace Hygge

I’m sure by now that you’ve heard all about hygge, if not where have you been? This Danish phenomenon of how to live well has swept across the UK and is the ‘in thing’. All the cool kids are doing it don’t you know! 

Over the past few months, I’ve fallen in love with the concept of hygge (pronounced hoogah) and everything it represents.  If you’re not familiar with hygge, let me give you the low down about what it’s all about.  By the way, I’m no expert, this is just what I’ve picked up while reading all about it.  I really recommend picking up a copy of The Little Book of Hygge if you’re interested in this sort of thing, such a beautiful book.

I’m not big on following trends, but my love of all things focused on cosines just resonated with me when I heard about hygge.  It just made so much sense as I take pleasure in creating my version of hygge anyway in the colder months. The idea of slowing everything down, taking joy in the little thing and showing materialism the back door in order to live well speaks so much truth to me.

Hygge is like mindfulness on steroids, it’s taken it to a whole other level and the foundations of this whole phenomenon is about relishing the simple things in life and taking a step back from the craziness.  It’s not about clean living or perfectionism, but showing gratitude for the every day, finding balance and living your life well, your own version of it.  What I love about it the most is that it’s almost a counter-trend to the clean eating movement and gives you the permission to be yourself, eating without fear or restriction or worry about the size of your thigh gap (or lack of!).

With some trends it means that you have to spend a fortune to get on board with them, but not with hygge. Here are 15 ways that you can embrace the comfort and feel fabulous on a budget.

Light some candles


The prospect of a long dark and cold autumn and winter have you in a funk then make the most of it by lighting lots of candles to really harness the cosiness to create a relaxing hygge atmosphere.

Get your bake on


Cake makes me happy and it’s a lovely way to socialise and share a special moment with others.  Taking some time out to bake can be very relaxing and even cathartic.

Go for a walk


Hygge isn’t all about sitting around and laying under a blanket by an open fire like is a common hygge image.  Going for a walk is energising, but gentler than running on a treadmill and allows you to get in touch with nature.  I love going out for a long walk in the autumn and winter sunshine.

Make a hot drink


Hot drinks are high on the hygge list of things to do to bring more comfort into your life – perhaps add some whipped cream and marshmallows on top for an ultimate treat.

Curl up with a good book


Slowing things down and taking some time out it a must and you can often find me in my armchair curled up with a good book.  Plan in some ‘me time’ and get lost in a good book for a while.

Buy some cosy socks


I want to say, invest in some luxury pajamas, but since this is all about achieving hygge on a budget, treating yourself to some thick knitted socks is just as good.

Create a hygge nook


There is nothing better than having a dedicated cosy space in the house. This doesn’t have to be expensive to create either, it could be an old armchair that you spruce up with some cushions and a blanket that you already own to snuggle up and feel good.

A Slow-Cooked Meal


There is nothing better than a slow cooked meal that you’ve left for hours and fills the house with a delicious smell as it cooks. I’m definitely putting my slow cooker through its paces at the moment! Hygge isn’t about posh dinner parties, it’s about getting together and enjoying easy wholesome home cooking.

Plan a DIY spa day at home


Taking some time out for yourself is so important and a DIY spa day one of the easiest ways to practice self care.  Treating your skin to a pampering session or painting your nails can have you feeling like a million dollars.


Put up fairy lights around your home


Candle-light is über hygge, however, fairy lights can have the same comforting effect.  Not only do they look pretty, they also create a beautiful relaxing atmosphere and I’ve always got mine turned on when it turns dark outside.

Write in a journal


Writing and getting everything down on paper is one of the things that I love these days, especially at the weekend.  It can be incredibly therapeutic and goes back to enjoying the simple things in life which is very hygge.

Surround yourself with happy memories


Printing off all of those photos that you’ve taken on your phone and getting them framed to put around the house is a wonderful way to surround yourself with happiness. I’m awful for storing photos on my computer but making an effort to get them printed so I can always be reminded of special moments.

Watch a Happy Movie


If there wasn’t the perfect time to indulge and watch your favourite box sets or movie, December was made for this.  Have a look through your movie selection for something that is going to make you laugh and give you that feel good moment.

Show people your love and gratitude


Surrounding yourself with the people you love and socialising is totally hygge and showing that you care is a big part of that too.  Strengthening your relationships with those special people in your life by cooking a meal, writing a note or just a simple call will remind them how much they mean to you.

Write a letter or send a card


I love staying in touch with my friends and family, but so much if this is done over the phone or via social media.  It’s just the same as receiving a good old-fashioned letter or postcard.  It doesn’t have to be anything long, but what a wonderful way to spend a cold wintry afternoon.

I’d love to know about your favourite ways to practice hygge.  Have you jumped on board of the hygge train?  What little things make you feel warm and fuzzy in the colder months?


Want to embrace hygge, but really sure how or what it all means? Try these 15 simple ways to enjoy the colder months and feel good.