How dumping the crap can make you feel awesome.

Since finding out that we are moving house, I have made a conscious effort to declutter my wardrobe…actually scratch that, my life!  Whenever we move home I always have a good clear out and I wish it was something that I did more often.

Usually, I’m quite conservative when I have a clear out, but this time I went on a radical mission to get rid of our unwanted crap – bagging things up for charity, selling them or simply ditching them completely and binning them.   There is always that sentimental pull of the heartstrings about the loss of memories when having a clear out, but my approach this time round was to be ruthless – if I hadn’t worn it in over a year it was being culled. 

Having a massive life and wardrobe edit has surprisingly made me feel much better in so many ways. With the new house, I’m definitely adopting a minimalistic way of life, which I think will be fabulous for my health and wellbeing, by removing the stuff that I don’t need in our lives I can concentrate on the things that really matter and I’ve already noticed some amazing benefits:

House feels more spacious

Ditching all the unwanted crap hiding in our cupboards has made our little cottage feel so much bigger. They are no longer bursting at the seams and it’s far easier to put things away without having to have a fight or trying pushing the door shut before everything falls out.  I really wished that I’d done such a dramatic clear out way before we decided to move.


Mind is less cluttered

I’m not sure what it is about having a massive wardrobe and life edit, but my mind always feels clearer. Like I’ve been to a therapy session and unloaded everything that was making me feel so heavy.  

More Liberated & Happy 

Clearing everything out automatically gave me an overwhelming sense of liberation and freedom. Amazingly, I also feel refocused because the insignificant stuff that obviously didn’t matter in my life has been removed and I can concentrate on what does.   It’s also been a massive mood booster because I have less to think about I feel more efficient, productive and like I’m making the best use of my time, which always makes me very happy!


A Sense of Calm

Keeping hold of so much stuff can cause a sense of chaos and it can be quite stressful trying to search through it all and contain it.  I’m such a neat freak so keeping everything nice and tidy is a must, but with lots of unwanted possessions (and baby toys everywhere!) this was getting more difficult.  Now that there is more space in the cupboards, things are looking a little less chaotic and have brought a sense of peace to my life because I’m not having to clear up so much and there is less to worry about. 

Back in control

Naturally, being a neat freak also means that I like to be super organised too.  With fewer possessions, I do feel less overwhelmed and like I’ve found more clarity.  It’s nice to know where everything is instantly located, rather than having to rummage through the cupboards searching high and low – it’s made me feel more in control and I love it! 

Ditching the excess and living like an essentialist is definitely the way forward for me. I feel less bogged down and overwhelmed by all of our stuff and although the clear out isn’t quite over yet I’m really looking forward to a more decluttered way of life in our new home, which also extends to my wardrobe and beauty routine too.  I’ve reinvested my eBay sales into purchasing items with more discretion to create a simple wardrobe that I will be posting on the blog soon, with emphasis on how to do this on a budget. Less most definitely feels like more because since minimising our possessions I feel awesome! 

How often do you have a clear out?  Do you find that you tend to hold on to things that you don’t need?

How do you feel after dumping the extra baggage that you don’t need in your life?