Get these top tips to help you move away from the diet culture mentality and embrace balance enabling you to show up your life happier and confident.

For my long time readers, you probably know by now that I don’t subscribe to faddy diets.  To me, the term diet is short-term, restrictive and rather than being kind and nurturing it promotes a disordered relationship with food and your body.  Unfortunately, the diet culture is massively ingrained in our lives and has become a societal norm.  Whether it’s the latest celebrity diet doing the rounds in a magazine, the latest quick fix exercise routine or ‘superfood’ to help us lose weight, dieting is everywhere. I really hate that the media almost refuse to go against the grain and use their powerful voice to speak up about ditching the diet culture and loving your body. 

I’m deeply passionate about inspiring women to be kinder to themselves and love their bodies now, not 10lbs later.  It’s not a shock that women think that if they take up less space on this earth that they’ll instantly feel better about themselves – we’ve been conditioned to think this way.  However, losing weight isn’t the holy grail.  There are millions of women who have reached their magical goal weight, but inside there is still the same sinking heart. Being healthy is about more than the food that you eat or the number on the scales, it’s also about your mindset, which the diet culture fails to acknowledge.  

There are lots of things that I hate about the diet culture (as you can probably tell) and one prime example is that it takes the pleasure out of eating.  Food is there to be enjoyed, to feed your soul as well as your body.  Instead, we’re told to strip away everything we love to eat and end up on a boring food plan that we end up hating.  Also, it teaches us to scrutinize our food, pull it apart, question every morsel that passes our lips, which quite frankly is an unhealthy approach to adopt. 

Also, I just want to highlight, that if losing weight is your goal, then great, go for it!  There is nothing wrong with weight loss as long as it’s coming from a place of love.  However, if it’s fuelled by negative self-talk, hate for your body and you think being smaller will make you feel better about yourself – I think some work around self-love and realising your worth is required.  When you love yourself, that’s when the real magic happens! In this moment, this is when you believe that you are worthy of amazing things and you start to take care of yourself on a deeper level.  

The diet culture doesn’t touch on self love, it focuses on what you can take away for your every day as opposed to what you can inject into your life to bring more abundance and happiness.  Let’s face it, you’re only given one body in this lifetime, so you might as well love the one that you’ve got, plus you deserve it! 

Today, I’m diving in deep, sharing my top tips that have helped me move away from the diet culture mentality and embrace a more balanced life, which in turn has helped me show up in my life more happier, confident more forgiving towards my body.  It’s not easy, it takes a lot of practice, but like with anything that takes time, it’s so worth it! 

Get my top tips on how to ditch the diet culture by hitting play on the video below:

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