Self Care Habits to Practice Daily

In collaboration with Lizi’s Granola.

Self care is fast becoming a popular topic in the wellbeing world, which I’m super happy about because it’s a big passion of mine and a central focus in my coaching practice. Although people are becoming more aware of the importance of self care as part of their wellbeing routine there’s still some confusion surrounding what it actually means and what it should look like.

With everything that we try to juggle on a daily basis, it’s essential that looking after our mental and emotional health is part of our wellbeing routine. However, it doesn’t have to over complicated and takes up too much of your time, which is a common misconception.

Prioritising your own care can look however you want it to be, whether that’s 30 minutes spent reading a book or tackling the mountain of laundry. The amount of time that you invest in yourself should never be underestimated because it all helps to fill your cup back up.

For me, it’s all about instilling simple realistic habits into your life that you can practice daily to support your wellbeing and help you feel more connected and balanced.

I’m sharing some simple self care habits that you can weave into your daily routine with Lizi’s Granola to make your day a whole lot better.


Get Outside & Connect With Nature

I’m an advocate of the positive impact of the great outdoors for your emotional and mental wellbeing. I love getting outside and the relief it can bring, it’s such an instant mood booster.

If you can, try to get outside for 10 minutes every day. This could look like sitting in your garden for 10 minutes or a gentle walk. Do what feels good and enjoy connecting with nature.


Make Time For Nourishing Wholesome Meals

Taking the time to create and eat wholesome tasty meals is a great way to nourish your body and practice self care. I’m a big fan of pottering in the kitchen and creating or trying out new recipes.

For me, breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and I always make sure that I make time for it. The whole breakfast ritual helps to anchor my day and ease me in. I love avocado on toast with eggs, granola with berries or waffles at the weekend.


Practice Gratitude Every Day

Getting into the habit of a daily gratitude practice is a wonderful way to develop a positive mindset. For me, gratitude reminds me that even on the greyest of days when things aren’t perhaps going well that I’m surrounded by so much good. I like to write down or mentally note 3 things that I’m grateful for each morning as an uplifting start to my day.


Be Organised & a List Lover

For those that don’t know, I like to think of myself as being super organised, some may say that I’m slightly obsessed! I love a good to-do list and it feels so satisfying ticking everything off as I complete them.

I find being as organised great for my wellbeing and something that I’ve incorporated into my self care routine because it helps create clarity and focus in my day; the overwhelm is a lot less and I feel more in control.


Introduce Some Movement to Your Day

Working from home means that I spend a lot of time sitting at my desk. For me, it’s essential that I get up and move my body in a way that I love.

This could be a planned run in the morning, yoga, a short bodyweight workout or a walk. I like to mix things up so that I don’t get bored and I always feel great afterward, even if sometimes I can’t actually be bothered. Movement has been a fantastic way to support my emotional wellbeing.

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We talk about creating solid wellbeing routines that incorporates self care, mindfulness and intentional living in the Unconditionally Nourished Collective.

I’d love to hear all about your daily self care rituals that support your wellbeing. Do you have any favourites?

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If you think self care has to be complicated try some of these simple self care habits that you can weave into your daily routine to improve your wellbeing.