How to Be Consistent With Self Care

Is self care high on your priority list for the new year?  If the answer’s yes, then that makes me very happy. It’s a passion of mine to help empower overwhelmed women to create more space for themselves and supercharge their wellbeing.

Everyone deserves to practice self care in any little way that they can.  It’s an essential part of your wellbeing routine just like nourishing your body with beautiful food and moving your body in ways that you enjoy.

So you’ve put together a self care routine, but you’re struggling to keep it up and be consistent.  This is pretty typical with busy modern-day life. With all the balls to keep up in the air, self care can sometimes feel like another thing on the to-do list and it can be difficult to strike that balance and make it a consistent habit.

If you are struggling to maintain your self care routine, I’ve got some key tools and strategies that I want to share with you that help me be consistent with prioritizing my needs in a busy lifestyle. 

Focus on the realistic and practical

When we first set out to create a wellbeing routine we often think BIG and rather than focusing on the small realistic habits that we can easily weave into our everyday life.  For example, if daily meditation is part of your self care routine, rather than opting for a 30-minute meditation focus ton shorter meditations that you’re more likely able to fit in.  Longer meditations are great, but if your current situation doesn’t allow it then it’s just not practical.

If you overthink your self care routine, it probably won’t happen. You’ll have more success with consistency if you break it down into smaller chunks that are easily achievable. It has to work for you!

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Make it a date in your diary

Don’t you think it’s funny that when we write a dentist or doctor’s appointment in the diary we always make the effort to make it happen?  However, when it comes to looking after ourselves it’s the first thing to slip down the priority list.

I often tell my coaching clients to book in a date with themselves in their diary or even set a reminder on their phone. Writing it down this way makes it feel more official and there more marking it with the same importance as any other health appointment.  Have a think about the optimal times in your day and week when you can carve out some space for yourself and plan it in.

Put it at the top of your priority list

I know that we’re all busy, however, we all have the same amount of time every day and we’re responsible for how we use that time.  When you prioritise something you tend to make it happen, which is how you need to view your self care routine.  Put emphasis on it in your day and stress the importance to yourself how amazing you feel when you practice taking care of your needs.

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Remember to change things up

The best thing about a self care routine is that they can be easily changed and freshened up. This can be done by changing the activities that you chose to do for self care or how often you do them. Experimenting with your routine will not only prevent boredom but also allow room for you to be consistent.  A flexible routine means you can change things up when you suddenly haven’t got time for the self care practice that you originally planned.

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Quit Searching For Inspiration

If you’re constantly looking for inspiration on how to practice self care from other people, it’s time to stop! Even though I enjoy reading about other’s self care routines, it’s so easy to get lost down a self care rabbit hole and forget about practicing it all together. This is self-sabotage at its finest!

Although it’s nice to seek inspiration for other people, it’s important to tune into your own needs and do what feels good to you.

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I’d love to know in the comments how you try to be consistent with your self care and wellbeing routines.   What does your self care routine look like at the moment?

If you’re looking for support with your self care and wellbeing routine check out my coaching page to see how we could work together.