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Connecting with nature and being outdoors is a simple and high impact way to give your mental wellbeing a boost. When I’m feeling overwhelmed or anxious my first action is to get outside for some fresh air and I instantly feel better.

After having my second baby I was conscious of making sure that we made a trip outside every day.  We often go for a daily walk around the local meadow that we’re so lucky to have close to our home.  It’s become my form of self care that I can easily achieve with a baby in tow. Being outside offers an instant release, a sense of calm and rejuvenation; the perfect support for my mental wellbeing.

For me, connecting with nature is one of the foundations that I’ve identified supports my mental health and there are lots of ways that you can enjoy the great outdoors if you’re in need of some space and time to regain some balance.

Spend The Day At Your Local Beach


After living by the sea in Dorset for a year, I know that I thrive by the coast. The fresh sea air is like nothing I’ve experienced before and the water looked like it went on forever.

Now that we’re landlocked, right smack bang in the middle of the UK, I’m desperate to get to a beach over the summer and dip my toes into the sea.  Our nearest beach is a few hours away, but I think its worth it, even for a day trip and there’s usually lots to see and enjoy.

Get Out For A Family Picnic


Heading out for a picnic is the epitome of British Summer Time and it’s one of our favourite things to do as a family.  Our little ones love eating outside and soaking up the summer rays playing after finishing their food.

We always make our picnics special and have invested in a proper wicker picnic basket. Of course, the best thing about a picnic is the food.  We often take a mix of homemade dishes as well as shop-bought products.

On a recent picnic, we road-tested some Sunbites that we were sent to review. They honestly went down a treat and we’ve tried them in the past, but never on a picnic before and they made a lovely addition.  They’re such an easy snack to pop into the picnic basket, which is always a winner. I was delighted to see that Sunbites are high in fibre as well as being delicious too.

We’ve ticked having a family picnic off our summer bucket list plenty of times already.

Connecting with nature can help support your mental health. Check out these ideas on how you can enjoy the great outdoors for more calm and balance.

Go For A Woodland Walk


There are plenty of woodlands around our local area that we’re yet to discover and a lot of them have walking routes that are safe and clear for you to enjoy.  If you’re taking children along with you, think of all the stories you can tell them to get their imaginations working overtime.

Plan A Camping Holiday


There is no better way to connect with nature than actually living in it for a short period of time.  Going away for a camping holiday can be a lovely way to enjoy the great outdoors and enjoy the peace and quiet.  Additionally, there are so many beautiful places in the UK to explore that you don’t really need to go on holiday abroad.

Create A Small Vegetable Patch In the Garden


I many fond memories of helping my grandparents on their allotments. They grew anything and everything and I always admired their care and attention to nurture the plants to help them grow.

Eventually, I’d love to have a small veggie patch or something similar in the garden where I can grow vegetable and herbs. I’d also get the kids involved because I think it’s a lovely way to teach where their food comes from.

How do you like to connect with nature? Does getting outside help support your mental wellbeing?

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Connecting with nature can help support your mental health. Check out these ideas on how you can enjoy the great outdoors for more calm and balance.