Christmas time is all about giving, but we tend to neglect our own needs as we care for others. Give yourself a treat this Christmas and practice self care.

Don’t you just love this time of year?  Everyone appears to be in such high spirits and stress aside there is nothing better than the run-up to Christmas – it’s one of my most favourite times of the year.  

One of the best things is giving to others and showing your loved ones how much you mean to them.  Obviously, I realise that you don’t need gifts to do this, but the art of giving is so uplifting. Then there is the total flip side to this, we give so much to others during the festive season, which is a massive part of it, but what about ourselves?  I do find that at this time of year, we tend to neglect ourselves even more because we’re totally consumed with writing lists of ways to treat everyone else.

No matter the time of year, we should all be making sure that we are making ourselves a priority and our needs are being met.  Carving in some time for yourself is not only blissful and sure to make you feel good, but it’s also restorative and great for your wellbeing too.  Not that you should ever need an excuse, but Christmas gives us a fantastic opportunity to treat ourselves to a massive dose of self care.  

As the year comes to a close, we can feel absolutely run down and exhausted and ready to hibernate over the Christmas holidays.  Making yourself your own passion project so that you’re all prepared for the new year ahead is a great self care practice. I like to slow things down, every December I book myself in for a hairdresser’s appointment and give my hair a real treat.  Last year, I transformed it with some balayage highlights and this year I ended up getting it reconditioned, cut all the straggly heat damaged ends off and my colour touched up.  Spending an hour or so being pampered and having that time to myself was heavenly. 

In the craziness that can be Christmas, with gift buying, preparing a festive meal, visiting friends and family and various activities it’s nice to slow things down and find a calmer moment.  My hair appointment every December (I do go other times in the year too) is my calm among all the madness, it’s nothing complicated or very time-consuming, but it allows me to hibernate from it all for a while, escape the end of year to-do list. Plus, how lovely is it to give back to yourself for all the amazing things that you have achieved in the year just gone by.

Do you have any Christmas self care rituals that you like to practice? How do you find calm among the crazy at this time of year?