It’s time to beat the overwhelm & create a life you love

You’ve found yourself here because you’re feeling overwhelmed, rundown and want to kick start your life again.

– Do you wish you had more time and energy for the things that you love?

– Are you constantly trying to keep all the balls in the air and feel like you’re struggling?

– Do you find it hard to nourish your body because you prioritise everyone else?

– Do you want to start showing up as the best version of yourself but don’t know where to start? 

– Do you want to feel more confident in yourself have better self-esteem and body image?

-Do you give power to your inner critic and sabotage reaching your full potential? 

I know that right now, life feels like a constant uphill battle.

Perhaps your head feels like it’s constantly spinning due to the demands of a busy modern life.  It feels like everyone else has got a perfect balance, but you’re sinking.

Guilt is a familiar feeling when you want to prioritise your own needs and it never happens because you’re always at the bottom of the pile.   This isn’t how you envisioned your life and you want more. 

If you’re ready to step forward, take charge of your energy, shift your mindset and beat the overwhelm then you’ve discovered the right coaching program for you.  


Hello, I’m Jemma…


I’ve been exactly where you are right now.  I’m a serial-perfectionist, over-thinker and struggle to say ‘no’ to things.


With a four year old and a baby plus two businesses to run, life can feel pretty overwhelming.  I’ve often felt close to burnout with trying to keep all the plates spinning and made poor choices for my body.  My mindset was in a negative space and I felt trapped.


Reconnecting with myself, prioritising self care and becoming intentional about how I spend my energy means that I feel more in control, grounded and happier.


I want to help you unlock the power within you to become the best version of yourself!  

No matter what you want to achieve, whether it’s starting a new business,  lose weight, finding more time for yourself, want to feel more vibrant, better sleeping habits or more quality time with your family we can work together to help you get there.


In my Balance and Bliss Coaching Program, I work with clients who are exactly where you are now to overhaul their daily wellbeing habits and mindset to transform their lives, so they can feel less overwhelmed and more connected.


Self Care

Prioritsing your needs and making space for you isn’t selfish it’s the most selfless act you can do for yourself.


The power of the way think underlines the way we live our lives.  Breakdown mental blocks to start living your best life.



Live life on your terms! Say goodbye to the things that no longer serve you and make space for what lights you up.

– Connecting with your purpose after finding clarity around how you want your life to look

– Confidence to break through those mental blocks that’s preventing you from working towards your future dreams

– Positive daily habits so you feel supported and nourished throughout the day

– More space and energy to invest in the things that lift you and make your heart feel full

– Support and guidance to help you take action on your goals to create a life you love


Imagine having space to invest in the things that bring you joy


If you’re feeling underwhelmed with your life, it’s time to take that leap and make some positive changes to get you closer to the life you’ve always imagined.

It’s your time to take charge of your wellbeing,  honour your desires, feel connected with your purpose and gain some alignment.

A coaching program for women who are feeling overwhelmed and disconnected with themselves to empower them to feel more energised and rediscover their inner-confidence to become the best version of themselves.


Balance and Bliss is my bespoke 6 month 1:1 coaching package where we’ll dive deep into your wellness goals and how you’d like your life to look and feel.  We’ll create realistic and personal goals to help you get there and create a life you love.

 This is your space to visualise and create clarity around what you really want and bring it all to life with a solid action plan.

 Together, we’ll explore any mindset blocks that are in your way and unlock the changes you need to make to transform your life for good.

Your investment: £695 for 12 bi-weekly coaching sessions over 6 months. 

(Payment plans are available)



We’ll meet up online (or in-person if local) every 2 weeks for 60-minute in-depth coaching sessions.   The purpose of these coaching sessions is to uncover your vision for more balance and bliss in your life and get you closer to where you want to be.


 You don’t ever have to feel that you’re alone as I will always be available via email should you need any guidance, support or just need to talk things through.

One week after our scheduled coaching calls, I’ll be checking in on you to see how you’re getting on and to see if you need any extra support. 


 In each coaching session, we’ll explore what’s holding you back, pinpoint the root cause of your overwhelm and set realistic goals and intentions to move you towards a life you love.

This is your private space to vocalise your needs and I’ll be listening closely to uncover the support that you need and develop a powerful action plan to help you feel uplifted, motivated and energised.


 In addition to our coaching calls I will also send you extra resources in the form of books, podcasts and worksheets individually selected for you to give you alternative perspective and strategies to implement. 

Also, you will gain instant access to my Self Care Bliss Guide, Self Care Bliss Planner and Masterclasses as part of the Balance and Bliss coaching programme. 

Not sure that coaching is for you?

I offer complimentary Breakthrough Calls to talk about your wellbeing concerns and discuss how I can help you.  They’re also an opportunity to answer any queries you may have and to discuss the coaching process in more detail.

They’re a great way to discover whether coaching is for you and if we’re a good fit, with no obligation to commit to a coaching package.