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Hello! I’m Jemma, a certified holistic wellbeing coach, blogger and retreat host trained with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition with over 8 years experience in the wellness industry. Through tools and insights focused on self care, mindfulness and balance I’m passionate in helping women feel nourished unconditionally in all areas of life.   

What I do

Through my 1:1 coaching practice, e-guides, free resources, live workshops, wellbeing retreats and blog I empower women to nourish their mind, body and soul in order to live a truly fulfilled and happy life that they deserve.

I’m a big believer on focusing on the small things so my approach is achievable and realistic to help you be the best version of yourself.   I’m passionate about supporting women and arming them with the tools and insights that they need in order to feel their best, feel connected, balanced and grounded.   

My Story

Like a lot of women I’ve struggled with my body image for years.  Through my teens and early 20’s I punished it with restrictive eating and over exercising – pushing it to it’s limits in order to fit a social ideal.  It can be tough to love yourself when you live in  a world that’s constantly telling you to change or body in order to achieve greatness. 

My perfectionist nature and need for control consumed me, it held me back, my self worth was non-extistant and self confidence was at an all time low.

Only when I started to work on my mindset, discover what really nourishes my mind, body and soul and aligning my life with what brings me true joy and keeps me lifted is when I felt happier.  Discovering the art of self care and how to be kinder to myself opened up a whole new world and I haven’t looked back. 

Being truly healthy is not all about eating kale, in fact, it goes much deeper than that.  Nourishing and feeding your soul and exploring what makes you truly happy is at the very heart of feeling good and living your best life.

Letting go of perfectionism, stopping the self-sabotaging and believing that I am enough is when the real magic happened. When you accept yourself, it’s then when you trust that you’re deserving of your own care –  the care that you give so freely to others.  

To be unconditionally nourished isn’t selfish, it’s the most selfless act you can do for yourself.  Also, it’s not about putting yourself first it’s about including yourself too.  When you take care of  YOU everyone benefits because when you feel your best you can give your best.

The 3 Pillars of Unconditionally Nourished

Self Care

Prioritsing your needs and making space for you isn’t selfish it’s the most selfless act you can do for yourself.


The power of the way think underlines the way we live our lives.  Breakdown mental blocks to start living your best life.



Live life on your terms! Say goodbye to the things that no longer serve you and make space for what lights you up.