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Celery and Cupcakes is an online hub for women that are looking to ditch faddy diets and restrictive eating and ready to embrace a happy and balanced life full of vibrant and fun food, self-love and general all-round positivity.  Here you will find nourishing recipes, tips my personal wellness journey and content to inspire every woman to become and feel their healthiest and happiest version of themselves, which includes eating cupcakes!


The era of the faddy diets is over, I’m tired of seeing the over-promotion of restrictive eating, quick fixes and over-exercising and the everyday woman is too. The very core of my philosophy when I started this blog 6 years ago was to strive for a healthy balance and to feel simply awesome through making the right choices that are unique to my body.   

I’m aspiring to live a happy life that is no longer dominated by food choices, instead, my quest centers around balanced nutrition, self-love and face planting myself in the beautiful food that includes cupcakes, chocolate, and pasta.  We’re all perfectly imperfect and through the blog, I hope women are encouraged to love their bodies and feel incredible in their own skin.  Being truly healthy is not all about sipping green smoothies and eating courgetti, in fact, it goes much deeper than that.  Nourishing and feeding your soul and exploring what makes you truly happy is at the very heart of being healthy and feeling great. 

I’m going against the grain, rebelling about the Instagram perfect wellness brigade, it’s time to get real, nourish your body and live happy! 


Jemma Andrew-Adiamah is a certified holistic wellness coach, blogger, and retreat and workshop host behind UK wellbeing and lifestyle blog Celery & Cupcakes.  .  Through her blog, she hopes to inspire women to ditch the diet culture, embrace their bodies and find their version of balance.  Her work has been featured in international publications, she talks to brands and universities as an expert on health and wellness and is the author of The Essential Balance Guide.

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Celery and Cupcakes is a for-profit blog and features sponsored content, review products and accepts guest posts that are in line with my own ethos and what I presume to be of interest to my readers.  This is an honest blog and I respect my readers, therefore, to maintain its integrity all sponsored content will be disclosed.  To make it clear to my readers that they are reading a sponsored post or clicking on an affiliate link an asterisk (*) will appear with the relevant copy at the end of the post. Do follow links are not accepted.  Please read my blog disclaimers and policies for more information. 

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