2016: A Year of Self-Discovery

It’s probably a little too late to greet you with happy new year, which would an apt opening for this post and perhaps it’s too late for my 2016 recap post – however, this pretty much represents how I approach things these days.  There has been a big shift in my mindset since I started writing this blog and I think this has a lot to do with personal growth and experience.  In the beginning, I was really worried about what I posted, but now I’m very much led by my heart and not perturbed by other people’s disapproval.  I know there has been a load of reflective posts doing the rounds lately and I thought that it was important to do my own too.  Plus, I think it’s always nice to capture the highlights of the past 365 days and posts like this are always nice to look back on.

A lot of social media posts have been rather negative about last year and admittedly, 2016 was a funny old year, but every cloud has a silver lining. I think it’s always healthier to focus on the positives, which is why I like writing these kinds of posts.  For us, 2016 meant a massive period of change as we relocated back to the Midlands after a short spell in Dorset for Alfie’s work.  We’re much more settled in our new home now and really starting to make roots – bonus, that we have family close by now for babysitting duties too! 

There were so many great things about last year, but I will keep it to just a special few otherwise this post will be crazy long!

We took 2 staycations in Ireland for our friend’s wedding and Wales. Thankfully, the British summer was on our side on both occasions and the sun shone throughout.

With an active toddler who likes to be outdoors, it’s meant lots of family day trips and encouraged our decision to become National Trust Members. There are so many beautiful places right on our doorstep and it’s been fabulous being able to visit them all. 

Biz wise, 2016 was a great year for me, with my recipes and own photography being published in SuperFood several times and a two-page spread in Vegan Living. I’ve also been giving talks to international brands on wellness and self-care too. 

I’m not sure what happened when I turned 30, but I’ve been embracing my spiritual side a lot and taking joy in meditation, affirmation cards and aligning my work with my heart. Also, I’ve read so much about mindfulness, body positivity, taking joy in the small things, enlightenment, self-love, and self-care – all topics that are close to my heart and embracing even more of in 2017. 

Last year, I really got to appreciate the wonders of self-care and made sure that now and then I checked in with myself to make sure that I was OK.  Putting yourself first is a habit that we all need to get a grasp on and I made it a prime focus last year. I’m not perfect and life did get in the way lots of times, but I think these work as reminders to come back and re-evaluate how we are looking after ourselves at that time. 

Business wise I really feel like I’ve found my feet and know which direction I want to take things in 2017.   I’m extremely passionate about the subject topics that I promote on the blog and inspiring women to ditch the faddy diets and really love themselves and find their version of a happy balanced in life, which is why I called the blog Celery & Cupcakes all those years ago.

It’s almost like I had a calling in the middle of last summer and I have a real urge to build on my work on the blog and take my coaching qualification.  There I’ve said it! I actually feel a little giddy typing it out because the idea has floated around in my head for a long time. I feel that this is the right time to honour it.  I’m so excited!

My mind is always blown by the fact that I get to do what I love as a job.  Taking that leap into blogging full-time and freelance was always going to be a big risk, but I’m so glad I did.  I will always be forever grateful for the incredible opportunities that the universe throws my way and your never-ending support and encouragement. 

2016 really was the year of self-discovery and enlightenment for me and I’m hugely excited to see where 2017 takes us all. 

What were your highlights from 2016?  What did you discover about yourself?