Are you familiar with that feeling of disappointment and sometimes guilt because you want to do the best for your body, but you don’t have the time? 

You’ve got a jam-packed schedule, your to-do list is as long as your arm and you’re stressed, tired and feel like crap.  A spa day would be amazing or even a soak in a candlelit bath would be bliss.  However, right now other things rather than caring for yourself is higher on your priority list.

I’m here to tell you that this is total BS! 

You’re not alone, sometimes we forget about ourselves and trying to squeeze in some self care sounds like just another thing that you have to do and causes you to feel even more stressed.  However, looking after yourself and taking time for you isn’t a privilege but a divine responsibility that we all deserve (how cheesy did that sound, but it’s true!).  Think about it this way, if you don’t look after yourself and become ill who is going to run your home and work life? It’s vital that you look after yourself so you’re able to care for the ones that you love.

Recently in my newsletter, I discussed the importance of making time for yourself even when it feels totally impossible and it had such a great response that I thought I would share and expand on it here too.

Self care isn’t about working out or eating well, this is what we have to do to look after our bodies.  In reality, self care goes deeper than this, it’s all about nourishing your mind, body and soul through practices that make you happy and feel like a million dollars.  

Taking 10 minutes out of my day just for me is something that I practise daily even more now that I’m a mum, which means I have less time to take care of myself.  Of course, I would love to take a day trip to a spa, but let’s be honest, that would be the ultimate treat that none of us would have time for on a regular basis.  Ten minutes every day is less taxing when you are struggling to find some time for yourself and today I’m sharing some ideas on ways to practice self care in 10 minutes and under, which is just perfect for the time challenged. 

Take a brisk walk

Everyone needs some fresh air, and it’s the perfect way to escape a stressful environment.  Get outdoors and walk around the block to blow off those cobwebs and be alone for a while. 

Breath deeply

Breathing deeply and slowly with your eyes closed can be incredibly calming and relaxing.  A great way to tune into your body.  

Plan and Organise

Settling down for a productive 10-minute planning session can be both joyful and a stress reliever. Having a coherent plan in place and tasks organised is incredibly cathartic. 



A guided meditation is relaxing and can be done anytime of the day. There are lots of different meditation apps out there like Headspace that you could try. 


Yoga isn’t just about keeping fit, it’s also about being at one with your body, simple meditation and breathing techniques for health and relaxation.  YouTube is a fantastic resource for yoga videos and there are lots of 10-minute flows out there.  Yoga With Adrienne is one of my favourite yoga channels that I regularly go back to. 

Put on your favourite track and dance

Dancing to your favourite songs is a natural mood booster. Like with exercise or that post-run high, those endorphins get pumping around your body and help you to feel great.  

Read a book

Again, reading is also very relaxing and doesn’t need to take up a lot of your time.  A wonderful way to unwind and escape to another world for a while. 

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Eat your favourite food

Putting nourishing balanced food into your body is a terrific mood booster, this can be chocolate, a green smoothie, a brownie or even a raw snack bar – whatever floats your boat to help you feel good. 

Journal and get your thoughts on paper 

Dumping all your thoughts onto a piece of paper can sometimes feel like a therapy session.  Creating some space in your brain can make it feel less crowded in there and bring some release.  

Catch up with a friend over the phone

A phone call with a friend can do you the world of good and improve your mood if you’re feeling rundown.  When was the last time you caught up with your bestie over the phone?  You might not have time for a coffee date now, but taking 10 minutes for a natter is just as good.  

How do you like to practice self care when you are pushed for time?